Corrupt Detective – Strategy Guide

Corrupt Detective As a corrupt detective, you win as long AGENT do not – this means you are generally treated as an ally by NETSEC. Note that to win you will also have to Upload Intel. Before doing so, you will first have to use Steal Intel.

General Tips

Steal Intel is RNG based, which means it may occasionally fail. You may have to use it multiple times before doing so.

  • Doxx attempts will show you as an AGENT. It is generally a good idea to claim early, however, it is likely NETSEC will try to occupy you during the night (for example with Midnight Meeting) to make sure you are not arresting anyone. This can lead to a disaster, especially if the real Field Agent uses a well timed sting.
  • Not claiming as soon as you achieved your victory condition will generally result in death, so be very careful who you are siding with.
  • Try confirming yourself with throw under the bus, or fake a class that has throw under the bus, such as the Social Engineer.
  • Every time you use bribe, if a rival hacker is present, he will get precious information. This will make the rival hacker more dangerous, and could seriously hamper NETSEC’s progress. However, as long as AGENT do not win, you can still win. In fact, both Rival Hacker and Corrupt Detective can win together, if both NETSEC and AGENT lose.

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