The game revolves around two main factions, NETSEC and AGENT. All players belonging to a faction will win the game as long as the faction wins (bonuses are awarded for players who have not been elminated at the end of the game).

The Agent Leader has the ability to convert certain classes from NETSEC to AGENT, by striking a deal. If this happens, the player becomes a mole (its mole class type, depending on its starting class type) and has to play against NETSEC’s goals. No other classes has the ability to convert other players, although the NETSEC Operation Leader has the ability to nominate a successor, in case he gets arrested or killed.


The NETSEC faction is a hacking crew that has been assembled by an unknown mastermind. Their goal is to gain control (root access) of a specific server of a target network. Nobody really knows their previous exploits and if they are just criminals or if they are working towards a more noble goal. Truth is, their methods are often very illegal, if not entirely evil.

WINNING CONDITION: the game ends when the NETSEC group has gained root access of the target node or when all AGENTs have been removed from play.


The AGENT faction is tasked in bringing the NETSEC crew to justice. This group is heavily underfunded and cannot run a massive operation by force and has to rely on their undercover operation. They are often criticized for their unorthodox methods and nobody cares as long as they get their job done.

WINNING CONDITION: the game ends when the AGENT faction has gained root access of the NETSEC LEADER computer (by making him/her trusting them) or when all NETSEC members have been are removed from play.


Some people managed to buy or cheat their way into the NETSEC crew for their own personal gain. They have their own agenda that can be met regardless of who – in the end – wins. Some of these people may lean more towards a faction than the other, but will win the game only if their own conditions have been met, regardless of the outcome of the game (neutrals wins/loss are calculated independently from the NETSEC/AGENT wins/loss system).