Untrusted can get overwhelming especially in 16 players games. Most people from the community will use acronyms or a specific slang in order to exchange more information quickly. Keep in mind especially when playing with new players that they may not be familiar with acronyms, so please try to be welcoming and using the full descriptions. In any case, below are the most common acronyms used in the game, both for classes and general actions.

Game Terms

Convert Players that have been targeted by Strike Deal and that are no longer playing for NETSEC, but for AGENTs.
DOS,DoS Denial of Service
OCC,OCCD Short for ‘occupied’ (e.g. ‘I was occd last night’ means that a player is telling you somone occupied him/her last night)
OWN To gain control of a computer (e.g. I owned .11)
PWN see ‘Own’

Classes Abbreviation

OL Operation Leader
OOL Original Operation Leader
SOL Sociopath Operation Leader
CCTV CCTV Specialist
NETSPEC,NS Network Specialist
BH Blackhat
SE,ENGI Social Engineer
IM Inside Man
SP,SPH Spearphisher
IH Improvised Hacker
AL Agent Leader
FA Field Agent
RS Runway Snitch
JOURNO Journalist
SK Script Kiddie
PB Panicked Blabbermouth
BOHU Bounty Hunter
RC Resentful Criminal
RH Rival Hacker
FS Forensics Specialist
LC Loose Cannon
DC Double Crosser