Play on Steam

Untrusted is available for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows via Steam!

Play on Your Browser

You can play Untrusted on your Browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) on

Join the Untrusted scheduled play sessions!

Untrusted requires 10 to 16 players in order to play.

Please consider joining the official game discord server at so that you can help balancing the game and creating a community.

You are free to use the Discord channel to organize games – make sure to check this website periodically to see if there are events programmed in the upcoming days, or subscribe to the mailing list to get the freshest news directly in your inbox.

Scheduled events
We regularly have scheduled games so that we can minimize queue waiting time and create full lobbies!
The next beta event is Friday January 29th starting at 20:00UTC and continuing on Saturday and Sunday! Make sure to join the discord server to check if there is an impromptu game going on before that date!.

Click here to read about the upcoming Steam Release Weekend Event!

You can play the game online or you can download the client on Steam.

Make sure to hop on the discord server!