You can support Untrusted by donating a small amount. This is a hobby project and it counts on the community to sustain itself.
By supporting Untrusted you gain bragging rights perks and in some cases exclusive badges and avatars!

Untrusted is free in its web incarnations (itch, kongregate…) while the steam version has a small entry fee (which gets extra coins on purchase anyways). The web versions and steam version are cross-compatible, so you can very easily try the game on the web as much as you want (even forever!) and get your friends into the game.

Buy items in the Steam Store

You can purchase items directly in the game (although it requires being logged in using Steam) or you can purchase them on the Untrusted Store and activate them within the game.

Keep in mind once used that item is gone forever and the effects are applied permanently to your account. It is also not possible to refund a consumed item so please be aware of that.

Other ways to support Untrusted

Coming soon!