Agent Leader – Strategy Guide

Agent Leader The Agent Leader is the only class capable of converting players to their faction thanks to the Strike Deal. It’s generally agreed between players that the agent leader should be the one calling the shots in the AGENTs only chat (to avoid targeting the same player) although this can vary depending on player experience. If the Field Agent dies, the agent leader can become the a field agent using the All In skill.

The Agent Secure Channel

Aside from the main chat, AGENTs can access a special chat on a secure channel that only other AGENTs including moles (converted players) can access.

Access the Agent Secure Channel from the top right button “TOGGLE A.S.C.” (and click it again to go back to the main chat) – use this to coordinate with other agents. Unless you have disabled sound effects in the options, you will get a sound notification with a slightly different sound whenever everyone has sent a message in this chat.

Coordination is your greatest weapon.

The Agent Secure Channel

Conversion Strategy

Turning people into moles is probably the most important skill available to AGENTs: not only you will be removing precious skills from the NETSEC pool, but you are also thinning their majority in voting.

Make sure to coordinate with your Field Agent – targeting the same player (for arrest and conversion) is generally a very bad idea, while using your Midnight Meeting skill could be very important to ensure an arrest goes through (don’t forget however, that people that visit an arrested player are generally seen as suspicious).

Certain players prefer to start converting as soon as possible, while other prefer to wait in order to obtain a sure conversion. It’s up to you and your teammate(s) choose the best strategy also depending on the topology situation: for example, if everyone failed hacking a node on Day 1, conversion can be delayed with little to no consequences.

Converting a confirmed player is often a very good choice, and randomly converting someone is a risky move, as certain players (most notably neutral classes) are conversion immune (they have the Not a Snitch skill)

Rollback Strategy

Another very important skill available to AGENTs is rollback, which allows to take back a node controlled by NETSEC. While this is very powerful, you should be careful, as NETSEC can find out which logs are faked and learn who was the person who rollbacked the node – it’s usually saved best for the last turn, as cleaning tampered logs takes time.

Claim Strategy

The Agent Leader claim strategy is pretty unique in the game, for two reasons:

Cover Checks Out will grant you a cover for the first three days from doxxing attemps or even in the case of death (which can throw netsec in confusion and aid your faction) so claiming your cover is often a good choice.

Computer Forensics Background is a unique skills that will grant you upon spawn, one random skill between Hack, Unskilled Attack and Denial of Service – your claim will be much stronger if you can leverage the skill you will be given.

Make sure to tell your Field Agent what your claim is, so that he/she can counterclaim accordingly.

General Tips

  • Do not underestimate the power of your Intelligence Informer skill – as it does not visit the target this is basically a free confirmation that the target is not a neutral class – share the result with your fellow AGENTs in the AGENT secure channel chat.
  • Thanks to your Cover Checks Out skill you are safe from doxxing attacks the first few days – use this to your advantage, and accuse other people of being the agent leader, even if they have been confirmed already.
  • It is extremly important that you use Cover Support to cover for your fellow agents, especially the field agent.
  • If your field agent is killed early on, consider using both your Strike Deal before going All In

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