Bounty Hunter – Strategy Guide

Bounty Hunter The bounty hunter is an AGENT ally, however your win condition simply requires to contribute to at least 3 arrests – if NETSEC wins, you will win too, as long as your win condition is met (keep in mind you must also be alive at the end of the game in order to win).

The Bounty Hunter has a lot of skill at its disposal, so claiming can be very different although it generally depends on what happens on the first few nights.

General Tips

Keep in mind that NETSEC will lynch you the instant they understand that you are a Bounty Hunter. If two arrests happen on a night, it’s generally a strong indicator that a bounty hunter is lurking.

  • If you use Citizen’s Arrest on a night where AGENTs are also placing another arrest, players will be suspicious of a bounty hunter, although it could also have been just a Sting by the Field Agent.
  • Plant Fake Information is often underestimated, but can slow down NETSEC significantly. This works better especially if there are two inside men. Use it to slow down NETSEC if you’re behing with your bounty count.
  • If you have discovered that a player is a neutral class, remember you can Frame that player and you will still get your bounty, as everyone will see that player as NETSEC once arrested.
  • If you believe someone is an Agent, it may be worth contacting them to become an ally and coordinate. If you are wrong and get accused in chat, remember you can claim that someone used Impersonate on you, so act confused. Not everybody falls for this, so be careful on what you say.

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