Double Crosser – Strategy Guide

Double Crosser data-recalc-dims= The double crosser is an atypical Neutral class, that while is leaning towards AGENTs by its nature, is actually completely neutral and does not care of what the outcome of the match is. It is an investigative class as its win condition is tied in being correct in deducing the class of a player.

General Tips

The Double Crosser requires two specific actions succesfully completed in order to win: the first one is to use Obtain Evidence on a player. Doing so, has an effect similar to Midnight Meeting (so fake claims such as Analyst, Blackhat and Journalist are all valid) with the addition that, if successful, it unlocks that particular player as a target for your most important skill, Turn Yourself In.

You will have to correctly identify the class of a character when using the Turn Yourself In: doing that, will make you arrested, and you win only if you correctly deduce the class of that player and such player is arrested at the end of the game.

You can use Midnight Meeting on as many players as you want, which will increase your payout, but will increase your chances of getting arrested/killed before you have chance of turning yourself in. In theory, you could win a game with the Night 3 turn, but be aware of people that will protect themselves – you will still be arrested even if they escape. Your chosen target has to be arrested at any point during the game, so even if they escape arrest, you can still hope AGENTs arrest that player.

  • Check early claims and try to take advantage of operatives that are casually revealing their role in the main chat. Timing your arrest night correctly is very important, so avoid turning in people that are likely to be escorted (for example, if someone is the only hacker on a node that was successfully hacked).
  • Framed players can and will ruin your plans. Watch out for logs and observe carefully if someone was “Watched” or not at any point in time and be aware of all the classes that can use Frame.
  • Time is your friend. Don’t rush to judgement as once you’re arrested, you have no control over the game. Don’t take too long, either, and time well your arrest.
  • Publicly claiming Double Crosser will very likely end in your death, although you could make your case that you will help arresting evil neutrals such as a Rival Hacker or a Panicked Blabbermouth. So while in general NETSEC should be hostile to a Double Crosser, there are still playes where you can be aligned with NETSEC’s interests.

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