Field Agent – Strategy Guide

Operation Leader The Field Agent is the main class that can remove other players from play thanks to the Arrest and Sting skills. It’s generally agreed between players that the Agent Leader should be the one calling the shots in the AGENTs only chat (to avoid targeting the same player). There can be maximum 1 field agent active at a time, meaning that as long as the original Field Agent is alive, the Agent Leader cannot use the All In skill.

The Agent Secure Channel

Aside from the main chat, AGENTs can access a special chat on a secure channel that only other AGENTs including moles (converted players) can access.

Access the Agent Secure Channel from the top right button “TOGGLE A.S.C.” (and click it again to go back to the main chat) – use this to coordinate with other agents. Unless you have disabled sound effects in the options, you will get a sound notification with a slightly different sound whenever everyone has sent a message in this chat.

Coordination is your greatest weapon.

The Agent Secure Channel

Arrest Strategy

Each night you can Arrest one player – you should try to arrest as many players as possible as fast as possible in order to obtain majority.

Make sure to coordinate with your Agent Leader – targeting the same player (for arrest and conversion) is generally a very bad idea.

  • Be aware that if you get occupied (for example because you are the target of Midnight Meeting) you won’t be able to complete your arrest, meaning that if no arrest occurr during the night, people who you targeted you will be very suspicious of you. Certain Field Agent players like to skip arrests on certain nights in order to throw off the NETSEC deduction process (often if the chat is already suspicious of someone else that you know is not an agent).
  • Be aware that by arresting someone, you will have to visit him/her: this is especially dangerous if a CCTV Specialist has installed a CCTV on your target
  • Consider using Sting if people are very suspicious of you

Claim Strategy

The field agent is very versatile, since he can use his Unskilled Attack skill he can claim pretty much any class, especially early game. Some players like to never use Isp Isolation and claim to be the target of it, however it can be suspicious in the long run (although, a great setup for sting as suspicious people will tend to investigate you).

General Tips

  • The Planned Raid skill is great to estimate how many enforcer are there. Be aware that using it too often will likely not work very well as people will soon connect the dots between you “protecting” people and then being arrested.
  • The Sting skill works best when there are no enforcer around, but it’s better to risk it rather than not using at all during your game. Keep in mind arresting a sociopath will grant you one extra sting charge.
  • Look out for people claiming that they were ISP – this likely means that there is a Rival Hacker that wants you to find them.
  • Coordinate with the Agent Leader as much as possible – ask your Agent Leader to use Cover Support on you unless you are claiming Corrupt Detective or Loose Cannon.
  • Have moles (especially if they were confirmed before) throw off the investigation by saying that they were targeted by the Field Agent in case you are skipping an arrest one night.

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