Forensics Specialist – Strategy Guide

Forensics Specialist The Forensics Specialist is a powerful investigative class that can disrupt NETSEC from within. It’s the only class that can upload fake information for NETSEC to download, as well as the only AGENT class that can obtain CCTV access.

The Agent Secure Channel

Aside from the main chat, AGENTs can access a special chat on a secure channel that only other AGENTs including moles (converted players) can access.

Access the Agent Secure Channel from the top right button “TOGGLE A.S.C.” (and click it again to go back to the main chat) – use this to coordinate with other agents. Unless you have disabled sound effects in the options, you will get a sound notification with a slightly different sound whenever everyone has sent a message in this chat.

Coordination is your greatest weapon.

The Agent Secure Channel

CCTV Strategy

Make sure to coordinate with your AGENT Leader – creating a belivable story is necessary to keep up this charade, as you want your Agent Leader to turn Field Agent, so that you can feed information on who has a camera on and who doesn’t..

You will need to find a CCTV specialist (or an improvised hacker turned from CCTV) and use your CCTV Takeover skill: if successful, you will gain CCTV access for the whole duration of the game, even if you become the new Field Agent.

Upload Fake Intel Strategy

Do not underestimate your Upload Fake Intel skill, which allows to upload misleading information to a node. When downloaded by NETSEC, they will either get a fake notice that they have more time to do the hack or a fake notice regarding moles in their organization. Keep in mind you can also upload this intel to a non-hacked node yet. Coordinate with other AGENTs and use Alter Logs offensively to throw the suspicion of being a Forensics Specialist on other players.

Claim Strategy

The Agent Leader claim strategy is pretty unique in the game, for two reasons:

Cover Checks Out will grant you a cover for the first three days from doxxing attemps or even in the case of death (which can throw netsec in confusion and aid your faction) so claiming your cover is often a good choice.

Computer Forensics Background is a unique skills that will grant you upon spawn, one random skill between Hack, Unskilled Attack and Denial of Service – your claim will be much stronger if you can leverage the skill you will be given.

Your skills can give you a pretty solid Analyst claim, but in general you have all tools to fake many other classes as well. You may have some issues keeping up your claim once (if ever) you become the new Field Agent, so be aware of that beforehand.

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