Journalist – Strategy Guide

Journalist The journalist is what many would call a ‘true neutral’ class, as her objective is to obtain enough articles to win, regardless of which faction wins.

However, the journalist skills could be a significant setback for NETSEC, and not everyone see journalists as an ally.

General Tips

Keep in mind that in order to write an article, you must first obtain a scoop. You can have ‘queued’ up more scoops and proceed to write articles three nights if a row, if you want to.

  • Your Get Scoop skill is your primary source of scoops – keep in mind it will occupy your target and thus, NETSEC isn’t certainly happy to have you roaming around.
  • Using Impartial Sabotage will grant you a Scoop During the day, significantly getting you closer to your goal – try to use it on nodes that are not important to netsec (e.g. they are not connected to the next layer) and consider asking for permission in chat.
  • Expose Operation Leader will grant you an instant article, but be warned you will likely be lynched after that. This skill is best used later in the game or when you haven’t claimed openly. Keep in mind that if you have claimed openly and another journalist hasn’t, you’ll probably be her scapegoat.
  • If an agent tries to arrest you, you will discover his identity. Depending on where the balance is, consider either selling out the agent in the main chat, or coordinate with him via private messages so that you do not interfere with each other with your skills or so that you can win majority votes.
  • You can be arrested if you get framed or after you have used Impartial Sabotage

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