Loose Cannon – Strategy Guide

Loose Cannon The Loose Cannon is a neutral class added in Season 3. What makes this class unique to play, is the fact that nobody – except the loose cannon themself – can know which faction the Loose Cannon is actually siding for.

When playing as a Loose Cannon, at the beginning of the game, a notification will tell the player their win condition (which could either be “NETSEC must win” or “AGENT must win” – nothing in between).

It’s a purely social class in the sense that it’s completely up to you to convince the right people that you are on their side.

General Tips

You have multiple options, but beware that people will always see you with suspicion, regardless of your real win condition:

  • Make sure to use AGENT training to your advantage to strenghten your claim.
  • You can also win while arrested, so be creative, especially when you are siding with AGENT. Death is game over, though.
  • Your Unskilled Attack allows you to easily fake multiple classes, including the corrupt detective.

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