Mole – Strategy Guide

Mole NETSEC classes that do not have the Not a Snitch passive skill, can be converted by the Agent Leader into a mole. Depending on the mole initial class type (Investigative, Offensive or Field Operations NETSEC class) the player will be converted into an Investigative Mole, Offensive Mole, or Field Operations Mole.

Once converted to a mole, that player will be effectively be playing for the AGENT faction, so their win condition changes to the AGENT’s one.

Note that if both the Agent Leader and the Field Agent die, the Mole will automatically turn into a Runaway Snitch.

The Agent Secure Channel

Aside from the main chat, AGENTs can access a special chat on a secure channel that only other AGENTs including moles (converted players) can access.

Access the Agent Secure Channel from the top right button “TOGGLE A.S.C.” (and click it again to go back to the main chat) – use this to coordinate with other agents. Unless you have disabled sound effects in the options, you will get a sound notification with a slightly different sound whenever everyone has sent a message in this chat.

Coordination is your greatest weapon.

The Agent Secure Channel

General Tips

When becoming a mole, your strategy depends on the events that have unfolded before the conversoin.

Make sure to coordinate with fellow agents, especially late game, to vote out other confirmed players.

  • Your Mole class may have some overlap with skills of your starting class: if you have claimed your starting class publicly, make sure to keep your log updated and compatible.
  • If you have note claimed a class yet, consider changing your log to something believable and compatible with your new set of skills.
  • If you were confirmed, make sure to sow distrust and doubt on other confirmed players to your advantage.

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