Resentful Criminal – Strategy Guide

Resentful Criminal The Resentful Criminal doesn’t really care about the outcome of the hacking operation – he hates the two leaders, and has two get rid of them in order to win.

It is an extremely satisfying class to play, as it can pivot from one faction to another in an instant.

General Tips

You will have to survive in order to win, and have the original operation leader and the agent leader out of play (dead or arrested).

  • Do not claim openly until one of the leaders is dead. After that, you can choose to expose yourself and side with one faction, if the majority allows that.
  • Keep in mind that Disorganized Murder is not enabled until the fourth night and that its outcome is RNG based – ideally, you want a clean win by having both leaders dead without your direct involvement. Stay hidden until it’s necessary.
  • You have few fairly strong claims with your skills, but try to not get too much attention on you: AGENTs are still out to get you.

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