Script Kiddie – Strategy Guide

Script Kiddie As a script kiddie, you can choose to side with either NETSEC and AGENTs, since your win condition is to still be in play at the end of the game, regardless of which faction wins.

The Script Kiddie is probably one of the easiest Neutral Classes to play, although his lack of abilities makes him a disposable target early on the game.

General Tips

The Script Kiddie is generally seen as a NETSEC friendly neutral class and you are generally not a priority target for AGENTs, so it is fairly safe to claim your real role early on.

  • Keep in mind you don’t have a lot of skills, and once your have depleted your only two Denial of Service charges, you are of use to NETSEC only for voting people, and you will likely become the target of Throw Under The Bus.
  • You can (kind of) confirm yourself by using your Denial of Service skill – while this is not irrefutable proof that you are a Script Kiddie, it’s generally a good idea to leave NETSEC the choice of when and where to use it to strengthen your claim.
  • If you feel that AGENTs are taking majority, it may be a good idea to side with them in order to close the game as soon as possible as you could still be murdered or thrown under the bus. You will lose if you are dead or arrested, so play accordingly.
  • Since patch 1.170, the Script Kiddie will automatically turn into Panicked Blabbermouth, with a chance of doing so directly proportional to the amount of dead people in the game.

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