Play Untrusted during the Steam Early Access Release Weekend Event!

Good news, everyone!

Untrusted is officially releasing on Steam this weekend – don’t miss the release event!

Click here to get Untrusted on Steam!

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What happens during this weekend?

Untrusted will officially unlock on Steam for everyone, as a free to play Early Access game – to celebrate this milestone, we’ll have some fun on the weekend with some special events!

First of all, we’ll have some scheduled sessions to stress the server as much as we can:

Friday 29th January, 20:00 UTC
Saturday 30th January, 16:00 UTC
Sunday 31st January, 20:00 UTC

Of course feel free to hop into the server at anytime in addition to the scheduled games!

Everyone that will play a full game during the weekend (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) will get a “Steam Early Access” event badge – get it during this weekend only!

Additionally, all obtained xp will be doubled during this weekend!

Furthermore, there will be some new things coming (both during the weekend and after) that will allow you to obtain some exclusive avatars and extra coins. Check the Discord for more information.

An example? Sure! Stream a game of Untrusted over twitch from Jan 29th up until the end of February (and share your video on our Discord Server ) to unlock the exclusive “Early Streamer” avatar seen here!

Joining the Discord Server is strongly recommended especially for this event!

How do I play?

You will need to download the Untrusted Early Access client from Steam – you will need a beta key as the game is not publicly available Steam yet – make sure to join the discord server at !

If you prefer, you can play the WebGL version on itch.

How long can I play?

As much as you want! The scheduled sessions usually lasts 2-3 hours, however feel free to hop in the server anytime – not enough players online? Joining the Discord Server to find players!

What do I need to do?

There is now a tutorial in place, so you can download the build a little before the event start (the tutorial usually takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete) or you prefer, you check this (outdated) quick videotutorial. If you have never played any similar game before, that is fine, you will get it along the way. However:

– if you find some game breaking bug, please do not quit the match and simply rejoin. If the game crashes or freezes, restart it, log in again and select “Reconnect”. Currently, the kick function for inactivity ingame has been disabled so you have all the time to reconnect – but please report if you had some issues.

– if you see some UI bug (e.g. text disappearing, “Localized text not found” messages, wrong or missing skill notifications, etc) please screenshot and report it with a description of what you were doing, so it can be reproduced

– report any other bug if possible

– have fun πŸ™‚

Eager to play? You can start reading the manual in the meantime!

Are there language-specific servers?

Not at this moment – the playtest will be run in English. However,

Can i use my previously created account?

Of course!

Do I need to give you my email address?

You will need to create an account, either via steam (no email required) or by registering with your email and clicking the confirmation link.

Do I need to know how to play social deduction games?

Of course not! There are two tutorials in place that will teach you the basics – if you’ve never played a social deduction game you may be a bit disoriented, but we’ll teach you πŸ™‚

Can I bring friends?

Yes! It’s better if you all come to the discord server (so for example, if there are 24 players, we can do two 12 players game rather than a 16 players game and a lobby that needs to wait for the first game to end) but feel free to simply jump in anytime.

Can I stream the game on twitch or other platforms?

Absolutely! I would appreciate a link in private (either on the Discord server, or at root AT ) so I can check out the VOD later on.

Any other recommendation ?

Be kind with each other and remember that the game is in a beta stage. Don’t get mad, get involved πŸ™‚

Help us testing the game! For more information, join our discord at!