Patch 1.170 featuring Season 7 is out now!

Good news everyone!

Season 7 starts today!

This patch includes five new skills for a much more deep and interesting play, allowing new strategies and increasing the claimspace of many classes with five new skills (one of which passive) and many significant gameplay changes: many classes have been re-balanced according to the data and feedback collected during Season 6.

So without further ado, lets see the full changelog below! See you in an OPSEC soon!

Untrusted – v1.170 – Changelog

All “Famed Operatives” are on sale for one last chance during season 7!

New Features

+ New skill “Covert Support” : if doxxed, your target will be shown as NETSEC tonight.
+ New passive skill “CQC expert”: disorganized murder attempts are less likely to succeed against you.
+ New Skill “Arrest Recording” : gain 1 article if your target is arrested tonight.
+ New Skill “Relay Connection” : prevents ISP and Jamming on target player this turn.
+ New Skill “Critical Thinking”: Each failed hack grants you a use of this skill. Permanently improve your hacking chance.
+ New Consumable “Die of Frustration” : decreases the chance of getting the starting role you spawned as during the last OPSEC.

Balance changes

+ “Agent Leader” and “Investigative Mole” gain “Covert Support”.
+ “Loose Cannon”, “Bounty Hunter” and “Field Agent” gain “CQC Expert”
+ “Journalist” gains “Arrest Recording”
+ “Network Specialist” gains “Relay Connection”
+ “Blackhat” gains “Critical Thinking”
+ “Denial of Service” no longer sends a notification to all players. Only players that connected to the dossed node on that day will be notified.
+ “Planned Raid” now allows to specify the night of arrest within the next 3 nights.
+ “Obtain Evidence” no longer occupies the target.
+ “Looking for an Old Friend” *signficantly* increases the murder chance for “Resentful Criminal” if the Operation Leader has been found.
+ “Wake up call” is now a passive skill, RNG dependent and triggered automatically. The higher the *death* count, the higher the chance a SK will turn PB.
+ “Dumpster Dive” minimum debuff increased
+ “Keylogger Honeypot” reduced by 1 charge
+ “Wire Shark” cooldown lowered by 24h
+ “Upload Intel” spawn list rebalanced.
+ “Rival Hacker” gains “Setup”
+ “Resentful Criminal” gains “Move Hideout”
+ “Double Crosser” loses “Review connection logs”
+ “Script Kiddie Attack” now has unlimited charges.
+ “Ask The Right Question” now occupies the target and no longer tells if a player has the “Hack” skill: instead, it now tells the amount of successfully hacked nodes by that player.
+ “Analyst” loses “Midnight Meeting”
+ “Analyst” gains “Review Connection Logs”
+ “Investigative Mole” loses “Follow”
+ “Investigative Mole” gains “Midnight Meeting”
+ “Forensics Specialist” loses “Midnight Meeting”
+ “Offensive Mole” loses “Midnight Meeting”
+ “Blackhat” loses “midnight meeting”
+ “Blackhat” hacking chance lowered from “Very High” to “High”
+ “Blackhat” gains “Move Hideout”
+ Spawn lists rebalanced
+ Mutator Boxes now have a 25% chance of failing. Price adjusted to mutator boxes
+ Salty Meat, Soda and Service Pistol price adjusted
+ The success rate of consumables that alter spawn rate have been slightly rebalanced

Client-Side changes

+ Fixed a bug where the Forensics Specialist would be shown as their undercover role in the summary screen
+ Fixed (?) rendering issues with 2560×1440 resolution
+ Miscellaneous minor bugfixes/improvements

Server-Side Changes

+ Fixed a bug where the Agent Leader would not be prevented from using “Hack” on the target node
+ Fixed a rare bug in processing “Planned Raid” incorrectly under certain conditions
+ Miscellaneous minor bugfixes/improvements

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Extra XP and coins

During the whole week of the Steam Mistery Fest, all players will gain extra coins and xp. Neat!

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Patch 1.160 featuring Season 6 is out now!

Good news everyone!

Season 6 starts today! Featuring a new class, the Double Crosser, new skills, and an upcoming winter event starting later this month!

Without further ado, lets see the changelog for patch 1.160:

Untrusted – v1.160 – Changelog

New Features

+ New Class: “Double Crosser”
+ New Skill: “One of Us” – Doxx attempts will show “NETSEC” even if the class is in fact neutral.
+ New Skill: “NETSEC background” – Gain one skill between: “Denial of Service”, “Wireshark”, “Impersonate”.
+ New Skill: “Obtain Evidence” – Used by the double crosser to increase their payout and to enable “Turn yourself in”. This skill on the surface behaves like ‘Midnight Meeting’. When used, it enables the “Turn Yourself In” skill to be used on that player.
+ New Skill: “Turn Yourself In” – Used by the double crosser to meet their win condition, by triggering an arrest attempt of the target and becoming arrested as well on the same turn.
+ New Consumable “Chicken” – increases chance to spawn as “Double Crosser”
+ New Consumables: “Rusty Box”, “Ballot Box”, “Cigar Box”, “Wooden Box”. These consumables have a random chance of spawning a mutator on game start among a specific list. There is currently no limit on how many mutators can be added to a lobby with this mutator – the spawn chance % and eventually a mutator limit will be adjusted with serve side patches, according to data and feedback collected during the season.
+ New Mutator “Serious Business” – use this when you want to create a lobby where memes, jokes and character breaking are not allowed. It has no effect on the gameplay, but makes breaking this behaviour reportable.
+ Winter Event! Live from December 21st to January 6th! Obtain event points to unlock exclusive avatars! Extra event points will be converted to experience at the end of the event.

Balance changes

+ “Impartial sabotage” makes the Journalist lose the “No dirt on me” trait
+ “Mole (Converted Investigative)” gains ‘Download Intel’.
+ “Impersonate” will now fail on a player that has been killed.
+ “Special Class Intel” spawn chance significantly lowered.
+ While a player is under cover (Agent Leader, Forensics Specialist) the class shown by “Download Intel” will match the one of the cover.
+ Time-limit changing consumables have been disabled.

Server-Side Changes

+ Daily quests dynamically rebalance.
+ Miscellaneus minor improvements.

Client Changes

+ Fixed a layout bug in the avatar selector screen triggered by unlocking avatars
+ Minor miscellaneous changes

Known Issues

+ Opening the game log from the in-game link may leave untrusted as “running” on steam

Patch 1.151 featuring the Murderous Summer 2022 Event is live!

Good news, everyone!

With this patch, the summer 4-weeks long event, “Murderous Summer” begins!

One or two random players per OPSEC will obtain, during a non-specified night a new skill, called “Murderous Night”. This skill can be selected normally and will be listed as usual in the skill panel (some classes may lose temporarily one of their skill to make room for this one).

When selected, this UI will show up:

You can then select a proper weapon and a target: if you correctly deduce the target operative class type (based on the weapon selected – read the description of each weapon by clicking on it) that operative will die that night. Note that it is still possible to prevent you from doing your nightly action, and the target operative can use protection skills to thwart your murder attempt.

If you are successful, you will gain 4 event points. If you are not successful, your target will instead gain 4 event points.

Can you unlock the new 7 avatars and the new 5 badges before the event ends? good luck!

Below, the full changelog:

Untrusted – v1.151 – Changelog

New Features

+ The ” Murderous Summer 2022 Event” is live! The event will stay live for the next 4 weeks, ending on August 14th, 2022.
+ 5 new badges that can be obtained only during this event.
+ 7 new avatars that can be unlocked by obtaining event points during this event. You may obtain additional event points by purchasing the July Supporter Pack and by equipping the “Weird Pouch” consumble.

Balance Changes

+ ACTIVE DURING MURDEROUS SUMMER EVENT ONLY: During each OPSEC, some players may receive, for one night only, the “Murderous Night” skill. When activated, you can pick a target and a weapon. Each weapon is “linked” to the murder of a specific class type. Correctly deducing the class type of your target, will result in the target getting murdered and you obtaining Event Points. The target can still use protection skills as usual. Escaping a murder attempt from this skill (or if the class type has not been deduced correctly) will instead grant Event Points to the target. All extra event points will be converted into profile experience at the end of the event. This skill visits the target, but does not occupy them.

Client Side Changes

+ Minor miscellaneous fixes

Known Issues

+ Opening the game log from the in-game link may leave untrusted as “running” on steam

Patch 1.150 featuring Season 5 is out now!

Good news everyone!

Season 5 starts today – there will be an upcoming loot event on the second half of July which will last two weeks, with exclusive content and badges!

Without further ado, lets see the changelog for patch 1.150:

Untrusted – v1.150 – Changelog

New Features

+ Season 5 is live! No new class this time, but some important changes! Please make sure to leave your feedback in #suggestions so that adjustments can be made if necessary!
+ Added the “Famed Operatives Series 3” avatars! They can be purchased in the identities browser from now until the beginning of the July event, which will start on [REDACTED]th of July 2022!

Balance Changes

+ “Resentful Criminal” gains the “Insurance” passive skill when “Looking for an old friend” is successfully used on the Operation Leader.
+ “Sociopath” gains “Unskilled Attack”
+ “Sociopath” maintains the “Unstable Mind” passive after becoming Operation Leader
+ “Forensics Specialist” spawn chance rebalanced
+ “Forensics Specialist” passive skill “Ambitious AGENT” will now trigger after the original AL and FA are out of play
+ “Computer Forensics Background” now includes “Impersonate” in the pool of possible skills that can spawn
+ “AGENT Training” now includes “Misdirection” in the pool of possible skills that can spawn
+ “Spearphishing Execution” is now more effective
+ “Exploit vulnerability” chance to fail has been significantly lowered
+ “Unsecured Device” chance to spawn as “X is not role” significantly lowered
+ “Hack” base chance minor rebalance

Client Side Changes

+ Added scrollbar to log panels (both personal and other players). Be aware that pushing “down” the log over the line limit with the ‘ENTER’ key in your logs will truncate the logs that are pushed “below” the limit.
+ Improved Streamer Mode
+ Miscellaneous minor improvements

Server Side Changes

+ Fixed a bug that would expose a mole in the game events, when an enforcer protecting someone was arrested by a sting operation while simultaneously getting dealed.
+ Fixed a bug that would make the target of “Setup” visit themself when paired with “Throw Under the Bus”.
+ Miscellaneous minor improvements

Known Issues

+ Opening the game log from the in-game link may leave untrusted as “running” on steam

Patch 1.149 is out now!

Good news, operatives!

Patch 1.149 is out – while this is a minor patch, there are some additional considerations and an announcement – just right after the patch notes!

Untrusted – v1.149 – Changelog

New Features

+ Added June supporter token, available from purchase from June 1st.

Client Side Changes

+ The log generator will show the UI in the user-selected language, but will append text in the lobby-selected language.
+ Added”CTRL+S” shortcut from the personal log window, which will save, send and close your log.
+ Added”CTRL+L” shortcut which will toggle the personal log (open or save and close)
+ Miscellaneous minor improvements

Server Side Changes

+ Players who reach L16 will get a permanent coin boost after a game. Experience will still accumulate for bragging rights even after reaching L16.

Known Issues

+ Opening the game log from the in-game link may leave Untrusted as “running” on steam

And for the announcement, please check this page!

Manhunt event – solution

Congratulations to SellerSword, Gellert, DJKiltScor, EggYolk, klo13 and MsTinyJedi for completing successfully the community event in less than 72 hours! I hope everyone had fun in this little competition and I am looking forward for the next one – feel free to let me know your feedback at or in the discord server!

The solution

With the latest patch, 7 new avatars, the “Manhunt Team” series, were made available for purchase:

By equipping any of this identity and winning a game, you’d get a clue at the end of the game. The clue you’d get had an RNG component, meaning you could have gotten the same clue more than once, making this event much more likely to be won by playing as a team (afterall, you’re part of a manhunt team!)

The clues were the following:

  • A 31
  • B 8,31,13
  • C 7,8,9
  • D 23,4,43,8
  • E 109,84,6,107,9
  • F 58,93,77
  • G 21,88,42,52,116
  • H 88,45,45,61
  • I 74,10,63,46,94
  • The Operation Leader is key.
  • Ignore whitespaces and special characters such as , and . etcetera.
  • A B C D E F G H I
  • 7 = T
  • 8 = H
  • 9 = E
  • 58 = T
  • 93 = H
  • 77 = E
  • Once you figure out the code, you must redeem it in the pre-lobby screen.
  • Some clues will help you confirm on the right track to find the key.
  • The event has to be played in the English language.
  • There are 22 post-game clues, including this one.

The most important clue was certainly “The Operation Leader is key” (which in fact, had better chances to spawn as a clue) along with the 9 cipher ones.

The next step would have been to open the ingame manual (which is why there is a clue that tells you to play the event in English – this won’t work with the Italian translation loaded!) and check the Operation Leader page:

The clues 7=T, 8=H, 9=E corresponds to the 7th, 8th and 9th letter of the description. In fact, if you start numbering the description letters (ignoring all special characters), you can see how the description is the key of a one time pad message (kind of, we’re not worried about security for this event as it is a game – you generally want a completely random string for a secure OTP).

So the letters “You Are The…” would be 1,2,3 4,5,6 7,8,9 and so on for the rest of the description.

Since we know the order from the clue “A B C D E F G H I” (although even without knowing it, it would be trivial re-arranging it) we know that the cipher must be

31 8,31,13 7,8,9 23,4,43,8 109,84,6,107,9 58,93,77 21,88,42,52,116 88,45,45,61 74,10,63,46,94

Which translates to

“I hid the cash where the sting took place”

There’s an avatar series of inmates, and given the theme of the manhunt and escaped convict, the next step would be reading the avatar descriptions:

The only avatar naming a sting, is in fact, Inmate #76196, which happened in “Acacia Avenue”. We know the code is 12 letters and in fact using “AcaciaAvenue” as the unlock code was the solution!

Patch 1.147 is out – featuring the “Manhunt” event!

Hello operatives!

Patch 1.147 is out – without further ado, lets see the changelog – but wait! Make sure to read about the event just right after – you guessed it – the changelog!

Untrusted – v1.147 – Changelog

New Features

+ The “Manhunt” event is now live! Obtain clues that will lead you to a code for 250.000 coins, an exclusive avatar and an exclusive badge! Check or to learn more about how to take part in the event!
+ 7 New Avatars available for purchase, the “Manhunt Team” series. These avatars will be available for purchase only during the “Manhunt” event, get them while you can!

Server Side Changes

+ Fixed an issue with “Doxx and Stalk” not working correctly against the “Agent Scum” passive under certain circumstances

Client Side Changes

+ Improved Italian translation
+ Miscellaneous minor fixes

The manhunt event

A dangerous cybercriminal has been arrested recently, as reported by RTFN news:

Just short of a week before the trial could start, the cybercriminal – who AGENT has not undisclosed their identity so far – has escaped prison – and there is a manhunt going on!

Will you beat AGENT and fellows operatives in finding this mysterious criminal?

Impersonate the manhunt AGENT team: 7 avatars are available for purchase using untrusted coins for the duration of the event. Once the manhunt event is completed, these avatars won’t be available for purchase anymore.

Gather clues: play games as you normally would to gather clues – under specific circumstances you may be shown a clue that will lead you to the identity of the escaped convict. Clues are shown at the end of the game and will not be (obviously) saved in the game web logs – make sure to write them down! You can click “Event Logs” while you are in the post-game lobby if you need to re-read the game clue.

Win coins and bragging rights: as you gather clues, you can piece together a special code that can unlock 250.000 untrusted credits and an exclusive avatar. Playing with friends? There’s an additional 250.000 coins that can be split with your team (up to 5 teammates, the winner gets 250.000 and the (up to 5) teammates split additional 250.000 coins, e.g. 5×50.000 or 2×125.000, etc). After the code has been found, please contact me to obtain the additional codes required for your teammates – for this event it is suggested to join the Official Discord Server

No cheating, duh! Gathering data via the use of bots and/or alt accounts, “speedrunning” by creating fake games or any other cheating attempt will disqualify you and your team – play fair!

This time it’s difficult! Compared to the 2021 cryptocurrency theft event, this one is more difficult and will probably be a marathon rather than a sprint – Do not worry though – additional clues will be dropped, if necessary, on the Official Discord Server so make sure to join and check #announcement often!

Good Luck!

Patch 1.140 is out – Season 4 starts now!

Hello operatives!

Season 4 starts today, with many changes, especially introducing the new Forensics Specialist class.

Without fruther ado, lets see the changelog and how this new class works:

Untrusted – v1.140 – Changelog

New Features

+ New class “Forensics Specialist”.
+ New skill “Upload Fake Intel” – upload fake intel to a node. If downloaded, the information given will be false. The forensics specialist has no control on which fake intel is uploaded.
+ New skill “CCTV Takeover” – if the forensics specialist targets the CCTV Specialist with this skill, AGENTS will obtain CCTV information as long as the Forensics Specialist is alive. The CCTV specialist must not be protected that night in order for this skill to succeed.
+ New skill “Ambitious Agent” – the forensics specialist will automatically become the Field Agent when they are the last alive AGENT.
+ New passive skill “Network Insights” – when hacking a node, gain a hacking % bonus for each player connecting to it during the same turn.
+ New mutator “Handcuffs” – guarantees a Field Agent Spawn game
+ New mutator “Smartphone” – guarantees a Forensics Specialist Spawn game
+ New mutator “Triple Threat” – AGENT spawn with Agent Leader, Field Agent, and Forensics Specialist. Suggested for 16 players games only.
+ New consumable “Salty Meat” – slightly increase your chances to spawn as NETSEC
+ Famed Operatives Series 2 avatars are no longer available for purchase

Balance Changes

+ CCTVs now start working the day after installation.
+ CCTVs are still updated after converting (true for both CCTV specialist becoming Improvised Hackers or moles, as well as Forensics Specialist becoming Field Agent).
+ CCTV specialist gains the “wiretap” skill
+ Slightly increased overall hacking chances
+ Network Specialist gains “Network Insights”
+ “Field Agent” is no longer a guaranteed spawn. Either the Field Agent or the Forensics Specialist will spawn. You can use mutators to override this behaviour.
+ “X is mole” intel spawn chance has been rollbacked to a more probable spawn chance.
+ “Insider Knowledge” will always return a real node intel.
+ “Upload Fake Intel” can overwrite real intel on a node
+ “Upload Intel” can overwrite fake intel on a node

Server Side Changes

+ Miscellanous minor changes

Client Side Changes

+ “Upload Intel” shows now “1” charge rather than “infinite” in the game manual. There is no gameplay change.
+ Minor translation changes and fixes

Known Issues

+ Opening the game log from the in-game link may leave untrusted as “running” on steam

How do I play the Forensics Specialist

I’m glad you asked! Make sure to check the patch note aboves and make sure to check the Forensics Specialist Strategy guide!

The main difference is that now agents will spawn with a guaranteed Agent Leader and either the Field agent or the Forensics Specialist. This changes significantly both how NETSEC has to approach unknown operatives, as well as how AGENT has to approach their strategy. A night 1 without arrests now have a complete different meaning. Was the Field Agent occupied, or is the Forensics Specialist up to something? Or again, what happens if the Agent Leader goes all in very early on, trading their moling capability for the FA+FS combo? Etcetera.

Combine this with the CCTV system rework (CCTVs won’t lose their CCTV access if they become Improvised Hackers or moles) and you have a significantly changed gameplay for Season 4. See you in an OPSEC, operatives!

Patch v1.133, Season 4 sneak peek, and Untrusted release birthday!

It’s been a while since the last news. I generally try not to write all patch notes on this section as to only keep the more interesting ones (although the full changelog list is available on ) but in the end last time I forgot to post the Winter break one. Yikes.

But I digress.

One year ago, January 29th, 2021, Untrusted was released as Early access on Steam. It was a wild ride, going pretty much overnight from 200 players on the Discord to about 1000 players (which, unbeknown to me, was going to be replicated just few months later for the full release, in a much bigger capacity). Not everyone is still around, but I wanted to thank everyone who has part of this journey so far, regardless if they are still an active player or not. Thank you so much for a great year! This goes out to all players, but especially to those who also chose to purchase supporter packs and the moderators, who helped me a lot managing the wonderful community we have managed to built. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone!

Shut up, what about the upcoming Season 4?

Wow, ok, first of all, rude, but sure, I did tease that a bit, didn’t I?

I feel that the game is reaching a point where adding more classes is a bit risky, as I do not want to overcomplicate the game. However, while I’m mostly satisfied with the overall balance, there is still something that needs a little bit of rework, and that is, how the CCTV Specialist is played. The biggest issue here is that it can be a hard confirm when two of these classes spawn together (and can be pretty game-breaking in a 10 player game) so I want to tackle that next.

And this leads me to finally pull the trigger to something that I have been hesitant to do for a while: adding a new AGENT class.

Why have I been hesitant? The game is already very complicated for the vast majority of new players. Having some fixed roles makes understanding the game much easier for new players, so I am not sure if adding a new AGENT will potentially be more harmful than beneficial (in terms of new players retention), but we will find out 🙂

Meet the Forensics Specialist:

Agents will still spawn with a guaranteed Agent Leader, and will either spawn with a Forensics Specialist or (as usual) the Field Agent. I still haven’t figured out exactly the chances of which and which (depending on a variety of factors).

I won’t spoil the full skillset of this new class, however, the main skill will allow the Forensics Specialist to takeover (if successful) NETSEC’s CCTV system, effectively being able to see every deployed camera, as long as the Forensics Specialist is alive.

This opens up a lot of new plays, as the Agent Leader will have to choose very early on if it is a better call to go directly all in and become the Field Agent (as with the Forensics Specialist class, AGENTS effectively can not arrest anyone) or to first wait to have some moles on their side. Losing the Agent Leader early on will be a huge hit for AGENT, as the Forensics Specialist in that case [REDACTED].

There will few other balance changes on some other skills, nothing drastic, but you can expect some few changes.

Patch 1.133

Today’s patch is very small: here is the changelog

Untrusted – v1.133 – Changelog

New features

+ February support token, with the Murderous Pulcinella avatar (It’s February, it’s Carnival time!) – Available from Feb 1st.

Balance Changes

+ It is no longer possible to DoS a node that is not directly visible by NETSEC.

Server Side Changes

+ Fixed log/encrypted notes not updating during prep night after v1.131 patch

Client Side Changes

+ Minor translation changes

Known Issues

+ Opening the game log from the in-game link may leave untrusted as “running” on steam