Manhunt event – solution

Congratulations to SellerSword, Gellert, DJKiltScor, EggYolk, klo13 and MsTinyJedi for completing successfully the community event in less than 72 hours! I hope everyone had fun in this little competition and I am looking forward for the next one – feel free to let me know your feedback at or in the discord server!

The solution

With the latest patch, 7 new avatars, the “Manhunt Team” series, were made available for purchase:

By equipping any of this identity and winning a game, you’d get a clue at the end of the game. The clue you’d get had an RNG component, meaning you could have gotten the same clue more than once, making this event much more likely to be won by playing as a team (afterall, you’re part of a manhunt team!)

The clues were the following:

  • A 31
  • B 8,31,13
  • C 7,8,9
  • D 23,4,43,8
  • E 109,84,6,107,9
  • F 58,93,77
  • G 21,88,42,52,116
  • H 88,45,45,61
  • I 74,10,63,46,94
  • The Operation Leader is key.
  • Ignore whitespaces and special characters such as , and . etcetera.
  • A B C D E F G H I
  • 7 = T
  • 8 = H
  • 9 = E
  • 58 = T
  • 93 = H
  • 77 = E
  • Once you figure out the code, you must redeem it in the pre-lobby screen.
  • Some clues will help you confirm on the right track to find the key.
  • The event has to be played in the English language.
  • There are 22 post-game clues, including this one.

The most important clue was certainly “The Operation Leader is key” (which in fact, had better chances to spawn as a clue) along with the 9 cipher ones.

The next step would have been to open the ingame manual (which is why there is a clue that tells you to play the event in English – this won’t work with the Italian translation loaded!) and check the Operation Leader page:

The clues 7=T, 8=H, 9=E corresponds to the 7th, 8th and 9th letter of the description. In fact, if you start numbering the description letters (ignoring all special characters), you can see how the description is the key of a one time pad message (kind of, we’re not worried about security for this event as it is a game – you generally want a completely random string for a secure OTP).

So the letters “You Are The…” would be 1,2,3 4,5,6 7,8,9 and so on for the rest of the description.

Since we know the order from the clue “A B C D E F G H I” (although even without knowing it, it would be trivial re-arranging it) we know that the cipher must be

31 8,31,13 7,8,9 23,4,43,8 109,84,6,107,9 58,93,77 21,88,42,52,116 88,45,45,61 74,10,63,46,94

Which translates to

“I hid the cash where the sting took place”

There’s an avatar series of inmates, and given the theme of the manhunt and escaped convict, the next step would be reading the avatar descriptions:

The only avatar naming a sting, is in fact, Inmate #76196, which happened in “Acacia Avenue”. We know the code is 12 letters and in fact using “AcaciaAvenue” as the unlock code was the solution!

Patch 1.147 is out – featuring the “Manhunt” event!

Hello operatives!

Patch 1.147 is out – without further ado, lets see the changelog – but wait! Make sure to read about the event just right after – you guessed it – the changelog!

Untrusted – v1.147 – Changelog

New Features

+ The “Manhunt” event is now live! Obtain clues that will lead you to a code for 250.000 coins, an exclusive avatar and an exclusive badge! Check or to learn more about how to take part in the event!
+ 7 New Avatars available for purchase, the “Manhunt Team” series. These avatars will be available for purchase only during the “Manhunt” event, get them while you can!

Server Side Changes

+ Fixed an issue with “Doxx and Stalk” not working correctly against the “Agent Scum” passive under certain circumstances

Client Side Changes

+ Improved Italian translation
+ Miscellaneous minor fixes

The manhunt event

A dangerous cybercriminal has been arrested recently, as reported by RTFN news:

Just short of a week before the trial could start, the cybercriminal – who AGENT has not undisclosed their identity so far – has escaped prison – and there is a manhunt going on!

Will you beat AGENT and fellows operatives in finding this mysterious criminal?

Impersonate the manhunt AGENT team: 7 avatars are available for purchase using untrusted coins for the duration of the event. Once the manhunt event is completed, these avatars won’t be available for purchase anymore.

Gather clues: play games as you normally would to gather clues – under specific circumstances you may be shown a clue that will lead you to the identity of the escaped convict. Clues are shown at the end of the game and will not be (obviously) saved in the game web logs – make sure to write them down! You can click “Event Logs” while you are in the post-game lobby if you need to re-read the game clue.

Win coins and bragging rights: as you gather clues, you can piece together a special code that can unlock 250.000 untrusted credits and an exclusive avatar. Playing with friends? There’s an additional 250.000 coins that can be split with your team (up to 5 teammates, the winner gets 250.000 and the (up to 5) teammates split additional 250.000 coins, e.g. 5×50.000 or 2×125.000, etc). After the code has been found, please contact me to obtain the additional codes required for your teammates – for this event it is suggested to join the Official Discord Server

No cheating, duh! Gathering data via the use of bots and/or alt accounts, “speedrunning” by creating fake games or any other cheating attempt will disqualify you and your team – play fair!

This time it’s difficult! Compared to the 2021 cryptocurrency theft event, this one is more difficult and will probably be a marathon rather than a sprint – Do not worry though – additional clues will be dropped, if necessary, on the Official Discord Server so make sure to join and check #announcement often!

Good Luck!

Patch 1.140 is out – Season 4 starts now!

Hello operatives!

Season 4 starts today, with many changes, especially introducing the new Forensics Specialist class.

Without fruther ado, lets see the changelog and how this new class works:

Untrusted – v1.140 – Changelog

New Features

+ New class “Forensics Specialist”.
+ New skill “Upload Fake Intel” – upload fake intel to a node. If downloaded, the information given will be false. The forensics specialist has no control on which fake intel is uploaded.
+ New skill “CCTV Takeover” – if the forensics specialist targets the CCTV Specialist with this skill, AGENTS will obtain CCTV information as long as the Forensics Specialist is alive. The CCTV specialist must not be protected that night in order for this skill to succeed.
+ New skill “Ambitious Agent” – the forensics specialist will automatically become the Field Agent when they are the last alive AGENT.
+ New passive skill “Network Insights” – when hacking a node, gain a hacking % bonus for each player connecting to it during the same turn.
+ New mutator “Handcuffs” – guarantees a Field Agent Spawn game
+ New mutator “Smartphone” – guarantees a Forensics Specialist Spawn game
+ New mutator “Triple Threat” – AGENT spawn with Agent Leader, Field Agent, and Forensics Specialist. Suggested for 16 players games only.
+ New consumable “Salty Meat” – slightly increase your chances to spawn as NETSEC
+ Famed Operatives Series 2 avatars are no longer available for purchase

Balance Changes

+ CCTVs now start working the day after installation.
+ CCTVs are still updated after converting (true for both CCTV specialist becoming Improvised Hackers or moles, as well as Forensics Specialist becoming Field Agent).
+ CCTV specialist gains the “wiretap” skill
+ Slightly increased overall hacking chances
+ Network Specialist gains “Network Insights”
+ “Field Agent” is no longer a guaranteed spawn. Either the Field Agent or the Forensics Specialist will spawn. You can use mutators to override this behaviour.
+ “X is mole” intel spawn chance has been rollbacked to a more probable spawn chance.
+ “Insider Knowledge” will always return a real node intel.
+ “Upload Fake Intel” can overwrite real intel on a node
+ “Upload Intel” can overwrite fake intel on a node

Server Side Changes

+ Miscellanous minor changes

Client Side Changes

+ “Upload Intel” shows now “1” charge rather than “infinite” in the game manual. There is no gameplay change.
+ Minor translation changes and fixes

Known Issues

+ Opening the game log from the in-game link may leave untrusted as “running” on steam

How do I play the Forensics Specialist

I’m glad you asked! Make sure to check the patch note aboves and make sure to check the Forensics Specialist Strategy guide!

The main difference is that now agents will spawn with a guaranteed Agent Leader and either the Field agent or the Forensics Specialist. This changes significantly both how NETSEC has to approach unknown operatives, as well as how AGENT has to approach their strategy. A night 1 without arrests now have a complete different meaning. Was the Field Agent occupied, or is the Forensics Specialist up to something? Or again, what happens if the Agent Leader goes all in very early on, trading their moling capability for the FA+FS combo? Etcetera.

Combine this with the CCTV system rework (CCTVs won’t lose their CCTV access if they become Improvised Hackers or moles) and you have a significantly changed gameplay for Season 4. See you in an OPSEC, operatives!

Patch v1.133, Season 4 sneak peek, and Untrusted release birthday!

It’s been a while since the last news. I generally try not to write all patch notes on this section as to only keep the more interesting ones (although the full changelog list is available on ) but in the end last time I forgot to post the Winter break one. Yikes.

But I digress.

One year ago, January 29th, 2021, Untrusted was released as Early access on Steam. It was a wild ride, going pretty much overnight from 200 players on the Discord to about 1000 players (which, unbeknown to me, was going to be replicated just few months later for the full release, in a much bigger capacity). Not everyone is still around, but I wanted to thank everyone who has part of this journey so far, regardless if they are still an active player or not. Thank you so much for a great year! This goes out to all players, but especially to those who also chose to purchase supporter packs and the moderators, who helped me a lot managing the wonderful community we have managed to built. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone!

Shut up, what about the upcoming Season 4?

Wow, ok, first of all, rude, but sure, I did tease that a bit, didn’t I?

I feel that the game is reaching a point where adding more classes is a bit risky, as I do not want to overcomplicate the game. However, while I’m mostly satisfied with the overall balance, there is still something that needs a little bit of rework, and that is, how the CCTV Specialist is played. The biggest issue here is that it can be a hard confirm when two of these classes spawn together (and can be pretty game-breaking in a 10 player game) so I want to tackle that next.

And this leads me to finally pull the trigger to something that I have been hesitant to do for a while: adding a new AGENT class.

Why have I been hesitant? The game is already very complicated for the vast majority of new players. Having some fixed roles makes understanding the game much easier for new players, so I am not sure if adding a new AGENT will potentially be more harmful than beneficial (in terms of new players retention), but we will find out 🙂

Meet the Forensics Specialist:

Agents will still spawn with a guaranteed Agent Leader, and will either spawn with a Forensics Specialist or (as usual) the Field Agent. I still haven’t figured out exactly the chances of which and which (depending on a variety of factors).

I won’t spoil the full skillset of this new class, however, the main skill will allow the Forensics Specialist to takeover (if successful) NETSEC’s CCTV system, effectively being able to see every deployed camera, as long as the Forensics Specialist is alive.

This opens up a lot of new plays, as the Agent Leader will have to choose very early on if it is a better call to go directly all in and become the Field Agent (as with the Forensics Specialist class, AGENTS effectively can not arrest anyone) or to first wait to have some moles on their side. Losing the Agent Leader early on will be a huge hit for AGENT, as the Forensics Specialist in that case [REDACTED].

There will few other balance changes on some other skills, nothing drastic, but you can expect some few changes.

Patch 1.133

Today’s patch is very small: here is the changelog

Untrusted – v1.133 – Changelog

New features

+ February support token, with the Murderous Pulcinella avatar (It’s February, it’s Carnival time!) – Available from Feb 1st.

Balance Changes

+ It is no longer possible to DoS a node that is not directly visible by NETSEC.

Server Side Changes

+ Fixed log/encrypted notes not updating during prep night after v1.131 patch

Client Side Changes

+ Minor translation changes

Known Issues

+ Opening the game log from the in-game link may leave untrusted as “running” on steam

Patch 1.120 and Halloween Event!

Hello operatives!

It’s October and it’s time for a new community event – what’s more natural than something Halloween themed to spice up thing a bit?

This event runs from now until November 1st, 2021 – unlock exclusive content while playing and enjoy a little change of pace with a new, Halloween themed, skill for the duration of this event.

Untrusted – v1.120 – Changelog

New features

+ “Extra” section now available in main menu! See the Client side changes for more details.
+ Halloween event is live from now until November 1st, 23:59:59, CET.
+ Halloween event! +7 avatars, the “Spooktober 2021 collection – classic nightmares”, exclusively unlockable with event points during this event!
+ Halloween event! +7 avatars, the “Spooktober 2021 collection – IT nightmares” exclusively unlockable with coins during this event!
+ Halloween event! +1 consumable, Magic Pumpkin. Gives you an extra event point when winning, and additionally [REDACTED]

Balance Changes

+ Halloween event! All operatives have a chance of getting “Trick or Treat” as an additional or replacement skill during an ingame “Halloween Night”, announced at the beginning of the game. This skill acts exactly like Midnight Meeting (with different feedback messages) and grants +1 extra points when successful. Note that also non-visiting classes may get this skill during the ingame “Halloween night”. The field agent will either get his “sting” or his “follow” ability replaced, if he’s one of the operatives gaining “Trick or Treat”.

Server Side Changes

+ Miscellaneous minor improvements

Client Side Changes

+ The English translation has been professionally spellchecked. Please report if there’s some inconsistency within the game lore/skills/game mechanics.
+ The game is now featuring a jukebox mode where you can listen to Untrusted’s soundtrack. Click ‘Extras’ in the main menu (before logging in) to access the Jukebox and enjoy some tunes!
+ A vote indicator icon (to the left of every Operative name)
+ Miscellaneous minor improvements

Known Issues

+ Opening the game log from the in-game link may leave untrusted as “running” on steam

Post-Patch v1.117 development notes

Greetings, operatives!

It’s been a while since the latest development post, and since the next patch will likely take a little longer than usual, it’s a great moment to gather some thoughts!

Why will it take longer than usual?

I usually am able to publish an update (small or big) every 2 or 3 weeks (changelogs are here). It’s been like so since before the Steam Early Access release, and nothing’s changed. However, I’m doing some internal development (that’s long overdue) that started last month with better moderation tools, analytics, translation tools, etc.

The next update will very likely be at the end of September 2021 or early October. It is possible that I will be issuing a very minor patch during this time, but don’t expect new content or new features for the 1.118 patch.

Supporter Tokens

I really can’t stress enough how much I appreciate those who chose to donate via the supporter tokens (or by purchasing some extra coins to collect avatars and such) – thank you everyone! This month we’re seeing the “Back to School” avatar which you can see below:

What’s coming next?

You may see some slight improvements in your profile page during these weeks and hopefully an improved (and bugfixed!) public game report page.

I’ve been procrastinating doing these changes for a while, and I’m sure the profile page will be done by the end of September (one chart is already up and now it’s just a matter of fixing the palette and adding a couple more fun charts!) – as for the game logs, it’s a page that needs major restructuring so it may take longer.

While I’m working on this other “external changes”, I’m also preparing a small content update that will probably take place mid-October.

There are no new classes or skill planned for this update, but it will be a fun update nonetheless with some new fun stuff 🙂

Will you add more classes or is the game finished?

All the classes I initially envisioned are pretty much in the game by now, although they have evolved a lot! There’s probably room for a couple of more classes and I’d love to see them in the game for Season 3. This is not a promise, but more of a wishful thinking 🙂

How can I help?

The usual! Play the game, share it with your friends and family or ask your favorite streamer to take a look at it – and if you want, purchase something from the store!

There’s new players everyday, but it’s true that now that Steam is not shoving the game into the homepage of thousands of people everyday, the new player influx has dwindled and unfortunately in few timezones it’s a bit harder to play – with the mid-october event I’m also planning a small advertisment campaign (within the available budget 😛 so don’t expect anything massive) that will hopefully help a bit strengthen such timezones.

There’s a web version also available on GameJolt and Newgrounds that is bringin some new players (and of course, still on itch as well) – if you’re a member on those communities, make sure to come say hi 🙂

Patch 1.115 is out, opening Untrusted’s season 2!

Hello operatives!

This should have been mostly a bugfix patch with some backend (mod tools and stuff) improvements, but quickly turned into a new content patch as one thing lead to another.

This means that the next patch will likely be 2-3 weeks from now, and – hopefully – will be mostly a bugfix patch as the backlog is increasing a lot. In the meantime, enjoy the new stuff!

The new August support token is available in the store! As usual, a big thank you to all supporters! It’s thank you to your donations that I can keep Untrusted free for everyone. This also starts Untrusted Season 2 – it’s been 3 months since the official steam release, thank you everyone who has supported the game so far!

The main change is the addition of the Panicked Blabbermouth class. While technically it is a new class, it is just an additional gameplay extension of the Script Kiddie. This adds more uncertainty for everyone (and especially the journalist, who can be killed) and opens up new play conditions.

There are other minor balance changes that however, when added up, tip the current balance a bit in favor of AGENT and should give a refreshing experience also to seasoned players.

See in you ingame, operatives!

Untrusted – v1.115 – Changelog

New features

+ Season 2 is here!
+ August support token and avatar!
+ Technically, New class “Panicked Blabbermouth” (but not really)
+ “Get Scoop” now will work only on players who have the “Person of Interest” passive skill.
+ New passive skill “Blabbermouth” (Journalists will get two scoops from players with blabbermouth)
+ New passive skill “Person of Interest” (Journalists will get one scoop as long as their target has “Person of Interest”)
+ New skill “Wake up Call” (Panicked Blabbermouth only)
+ New skill “Murder Journalist” (Panicked Blabbermouth only)
+ Classes can now have 4 skills per day/night. Please understand not all classes will get 4 skills to avoid overcomplicating the game for new players.

Balance Changes

The following changes are experimental. They may or may not be rolled back/adjusted soon. Please report feedback over the discord in #suggestions

+ Voting is now allowed from N1, rather than from D1.
+ “Unskilled attack” now has infinite charges
+ “Misdirection” charges lowered from 2 to 1
+ “Spearphisher” gains “Move Hideout”
+ “Agent Leader” gains “Unskilled Attack”
+ “Offensive Mole” gains “Unskilled Attack”
+ “Rival Hacker” gains “Unskilled AttacK”
+ “Computer Forensics Background” loses “Unskilled attack” from the spawn pool and gains “Harden” instead
+ “Field Agent” gains “Follow”
+ “Field Ops Mole” gains “Disorganized Murder”
+ “Script Kiddie” gains “Wake up Call”
+ All NETSEC (Except social engineer) and AGENTS roles , as well as Corrupt Detective and Rival Hacker, gain “Person of Interest”
+ “Agent Leader” can no longer get “Operation Leader” as cover.
+ Removed “Pacifier”: all mutators will now yield the same amount of Xp,coins,and count for badges and challenges.
+ Minor RNG adjustments

Servers Side Changes

+ Few public APIs are now available – don’t expect a lot, as they may or may not be expanded in the future. See more at
+ Minor miscellaneous improvements

Client Changes

+ There is a new “encrypted” log where you can safely type your own notes. These notes can not be stolen or read by other players and are for your eyes only. Now, where did I put that 5$ wrench?
+ Selecting “Anonymous Identity” (the first avatar you got when you created your account) will now automatically pick a random avatar from your owned avatars list, when this avatar is selected.
+ Pressing F4 will toggle the mutator browser (to view the currently enabled mutators in a lobby, if any)
+ Minor miscellaneous improvements

Known Issues

+ Miscellenous fairly rare bugs that were not yet investigated. I’m working on it :3
+ Opening the game log from the in-game link may leave untrusted as “running” on steam

Tune in at 20GMT (May 16th, 2021) for a multiple PoV twitch stream!

Hello Operatives!

Tune in this Sunday, May 16th, 2021, at 20:00 GMT to view a match of Untrusted from multiple point of view!

Our amazing Discord Community is setting up some games, played by veteran players, that will be streamed on Twitch – look at the same game from the eyes of different operatives!

Streamer’s lineup:

Alice’s pov:
NotARobot’s pov:
Rafi778’s pov: (recorded only)
Bot212’s pov: and
Gellert’s pov:
Arc’s pov:
Natashinha’s pov:
Gellert’s pov:
Sentinel’s pov:
Agent Knockout’s pov:
AmazingDragons’ pov:
SlumberBeasts’ pov:
Derpytitan64’s pov: will stream in Discord


liiiii :
Artriaus :

Post-Patch v1.101 development notes

Hello Operatives!

What an amazing release week we’ve been having!

First of all, thank you everyone for giving Untrusted a chance, and a special thank you for everyone who donated! It really makes a difference so, thank you, a thousand times!

The release went way above my expectations: I’ve got so many great feedback, suggestions, reviews and comments that I am having trouble keeping track of everything – hence, I thought that a development update would satisfy some of your curiosity, so here it is!

What happened with the server issues on release?

Untrusted released in Early access on the 29th January, 2021. The CCU (cuncurrent users) from that date until the out-of-early-access launch was 91 players. Back in February, I had to tackle a similar performance issue, and while the network system still wasn’t perfect, it would handle games fine the vast majority of the time.

One common question that I got asked was “Why don’t you rely on a third party service, such as Photon Engine?”. It’s a valid fair point – you don’t want to reinvent the wheel everytime, besides, I use Unity3D, so why not using a library? Well, the answer is that Untrusted was born as my hobby project. I enjoy learning new things and writing my own technology, when I can. With Untrusted, I wanted to explore a bit more how to handle realtime communication and prepare a scalable architecture – that could be suitable for Untrusted and for other games in the future, why not. This comes at a price: you can’t really test your solution until it’s stressed out by real people – synthetic tests only help you to a point.

So, what happened on May 9th, day of the launch? Well, this happened:

As far as I know it’s unusual that the spike on official release day surpasses the spike after the early access launch. Instead, Untrusted got twice as many players as it was ever tested and that highlighted two critical bottlenecks in the network architecture I chose.

What followed was two nights of reworking the architecture to fix the problems (more players = more data to sift through = you can find where your code messed up). It’s not perfect yet, but those bottlenecks have been fixed and this allows me to scale up much better. With the bottlenecks, upgrading the server hardware would work only to a point, while right now, in case of an emergency scale up, I can safely put the server in maintenance mode, increase the hardware specs, and add more player slots on the servers.

Keep in mind, I never expected Untrusted -being such a niche genre, a text based game in 2021- to gain more than 50-100 CCU, so I initially didn’t plan an architecture to scale up both vertically and horizontally.

This is why in these upcoming days I will work in expanding my networking system so that I can dynamically add new servers (maybe in different world locations) shall the playerbase spike up significantly again.

For many of you 250-300 CCU (which now the new architecture handles beautifully, with less CPU strain than we had with 100) doesn’t sound like many – after all, it’s a text based game and games like Among Us have tens of thousands of players, but if you’re a programmer you know what it’s like to have your code behave on a never-tested-before scenario 🙂

I wasn’t ready for such spike, and that was my fault – more improvements are coming and these will make Untrusted ready to scale up much better – whether a new spike happens or not in the future. Better safe than sorry, right? Unless a scale up spike of among-us-disaster-like-propotions happens, even the current solution should help up well until I develop this new improvements.

So what about updates? New features? Bugfixes?

I’m fairly happy with the state of the game right now (excluding the current inability to scale up at will, see the paragraph above) and as you can imagine right now the priority is improving the network stability so that everyone can play and have a pleasant experience. There will be improvements, as I’ve been done for the past year, both in terms of contents and bugfixes, so please be patient with any issues you may find – please report bugs if you find them (either on the discord or via email at

Will you ever release the game in a different Language?

I’ve seen a fair amount of requests to translate the game into a specific language. Translation is, unfortuanately, just the first step in localization. Localization also include guaranteeing a good support, such as being able to read and act on player reports, delivering updates to all languages in a timely manner, etc.

I’d love to see Untrusted in Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and many other languages! However that will have to wait until a specific need from a specific community emerges, and then I’d have to carefully evaluate if I can guarantee a good support.

Will Untrusted stay free forever?

I really hope so! Untrusted started as a hobby project (then turned lockdown project after covid hit) and I really would like to keep it free. So please consider donating donating if you liked the game and would like to support.

There are two main reasons why Untrusted could benefit from a payment model:
– It would help a lot with managing bans. Moderating takes time, and while there aren’t a lot of trolls, there are some subjects that tried to evade the ban. Even when resetting their stats on their main profile, they try to evade by just creating a new account. The amazing moderation team I have is great at keeping tabs on this people, but it is taxing. A paywall could prevent that.
– It would lighten the load on the servers

However, there are also three main counterpoints:
– The version would have to either become payment-only too, or would have to be regulated somehow differently than the Steam ecosystem. I’m not sure I want that.
– It would lower the server population. It’s currently growing (and that’s amazing!) but Untrusted is not going to stay in the New and trending section of steam forever, so the major influx will dwindle down sooner or later.
– I really prefer having it free.

So for now, Untrusted is and will stay free as long as I can keep it. And even if Untrusted were to become pay-to-play, if you already have it in your account it’s yours – so don’t worry! You won’t have to pay and you can keep enjoying Untrusted regardless of what happens in the future!

Is there any event lined up? After all there was something for the steam early access release!

There’s nothing similar to the Steam Early Access release planned with badges and extra perks, but something better has come out from our our amazing community: streamers are scheduling a multiple stream where you can see the point of view of all players (or at least, most players!) in the same game. The event is scheduled for Sunday, May 16th starting at 18:00 GMT.

The stream links will be posted soon and can also be found on our Discord Server!

How can I help the game grow?

Play the game when you can! Talk about it with your friends or on Twitter! Leave an honest review and be friendly to all new players – everyone has a hard time with Untrusted and it’s fun as long as everyone is nice. So please help new players, be friendly, and most importantly, have fun!

Where can I buy merchandise?

I’m flattered that few people reached out to ask me that – knowing that you like the game so much to hang a poster on your wall or sport an untrusted shirt T-Shirt. I’m looking into options, it seems actually I can get something up in a way that’s much more easier than I thought but I don’t have an ETA. I’ll let you know so stay tuned if this is something you’re interested in!

When’s the next patch coming? Will it disrupt service?

I am not sure when I will be able to rollout the next patch. Hopefully (But I highly doubt it) this weekend or the next. More realistically, on Sun 23rd or 30th. Yes, the patch will require the server to be shut down briefly (generally 2 to 4 hours while I also do maintenance) but it will be announced at least 48h beforehand.

That’s all for this post 🙂 see you in game, operatives!

Untrusted officially releases today!

Hello Operatives!

Today marks the release of Untrusted v.1100, the first official release outside of Early Access!

What does this mean for the game and the community? Lets take a quick look!

Leaving Early Access

Untrusted release on Steam Early access on January 29th, 2021. After more than 3 months, multiple updates have made the game very well balanced and stable enough to leave its Early Access state. This doesn’t mean that there are no more bugs left, far from it, and more updates are coming in the future for sure.

With more than 1600 players in the Official Untrusted Discord Server Untrusted now has an amazing community. Many people have been playing almost daily since the Early Access release and we are slowly, but constantly growing. Leaving early access and going into official release will boost the playerbase and hopefully reach a point where everytime anywhere people can find enough players to play. Keep in mind, needing 10-16 players per game is no easy effort for such a niche genre, and some waiting time is certainly still expected, and the network problem that “plagued” the early access release are now fixed.

Back in early February, the CCU peak was 91 and the server started lagging much earlier. This performances issues are now long gone and the server should be able to serve a lot more before additional server or performance improvements are required. While some players still experience the occasional network issue (especially on browser due to some limitations due to how websocket works) the game is much more stable and ready for a more broad playerbase!

Supporter Store!

You can now support the development and maintenance of Untrusted! You can check the Donate page for more information (as more ways to help are coming soon!), but in short, every month a new badge and an exclusive avatar will be made available for purchase for a small sum. The avatar will be some way of showing your support, and at the same time it’s a great way to ‘immortalize’ moments of Untrusted, as they are all inspired by particular events that happened when the badge was released, either an ingame event or something unrelated, such as a seasonal gimmick.

You will also gain a very small amount of ingame credits that you can spend however you like. Untrusted is still a game that everyone can play for free and I’d rather keep it this way with no paywall and just cosmetics/bragging rights in-game purchases.

By showing your support you gain bragging rights and the knowledge that you are helping Untrusted grow, as the money will directly proceed in maintaining the product (all costs including assets, server maintenance, etc) as well as its further development.

You can now purchase retroactively (until the end of May) the February, March and April supporter tokens, which will give you an exclusive badge and, respectively, the Heart of The community avatar (commemorating the Early Access release), the Mega Bug avatar (commemorating the server 100% cpu bug on /kick) and the Aprils’s Fish avatar (commemorating the April’s Fools event)

To commemorate Untrusted’s launch from Early Access to Stable Release, the ‘Untrusted Launch’ avatar is purchasable with the May Supporter Token (available until the end of June)

heart of the community mega bug aprils fish untrusted launch

Untrusted is still a hobby project – the best way to show support is by purchasing the supporter tokens, but of course you can help in many other ways!

There will be more information available soon on what are the next step in development, so you can also get a better feel if you think you should be spending your money on Untrusted or not.

You can still help untrusted without reaching your wallet: keep playing and spreading the word to help Untrusted grow!

Other Patch Stuff

Oh right, there’s more! Below, the full changelog of this patch:

Untrusted – v1.100 changelog

New Features

+ May supporter token is available for purchase from today until the end of June!
+ ‘Season 1’ Starts now!
+ 2 new badges
+ Added daily challenges! There are only currently only two types with 3 variations each – more challenges will come in the future!
+ Added new skill “Prepared for anything”, granting 2 extra charges to “move hideout”.

Balance Changes

+ Rival Hacker gains “Prepared for anything”

Client Changes

+ Fixed Steam page reporting the wrong amount of coins for the supporter badges. The Game client reported 16k (correctly) while the steam page reported 8k. Please note even if you purchased it from the web store, you correctly got 16k when redeeming the badge as it was just a description issue.
+ Steam users may now only createa a new account via Steam (you can still login via a standard account as usual)
+ Miscellaneous minor improvements and bugfixes

Servers Side Changes

+ Fixed an issue with the target node being able to spawn with intel
+ Fixed a bug where occupying actions from a player killed by vote would still apply under certain circumstances
+ Fixed a bug where players using ‘Throw under the bus’ would result occupied if the target used misdirection
+ Miscellaneous minor weblog and web profile fixes
+ Miscellaneous minor improvements and bugfixes

Known Issues

+ Creating a steam account may give “wrong password” on the first try, please simply try again if that happens. A fix will be rolled out soon.