Patch 1.151 featuring the Murderous Summer 2022 Event is live!

Good news, everyone!

With this patch, the summer 4-weeks long event, “Murderous Summer” begins!

One or two random players per OPSEC will obtain, during a non-specified night a new skill, called “Murderous Night”. This skill can be selected normally and will be listed as usual in the skill panel (some classes may lose temporarily one of their skill to make room for this one).

When selected, this UI will show up:

You can then select a proper weapon and a target: if you correctly deduce the target operative class type (based on the weapon selected – read the description of each weapon by clicking on it) that operative will die that night. Note that it is still possible to prevent you from doing your nightly action, and the target operative can use protection skills to thwart your murder attempt.

If you are successful, you will gain 4 event points. If you are not successful, your target will instead gain 4 event points.

Can you unlock the new 7 avatars and the new 5 badges before the event ends? good luck!

Below, the full changelog:

Untrusted – v1.151 – Changelog

New Features

+ The ” Murderous Summer 2022 Event” is live! The event will stay live for the next 4 weeks, ending on August 14th, 2022.
+ 5 new badges that can be obtained only during this event.
+ 7 new avatars that can be unlocked by obtaining event points during this event. You may obtain additional event points by purchasing the July Supporter Pack and by equipping the “Weird Pouch” consumble.

Balance Changes

+ ACTIVE DURING MURDEROUS SUMMER EVENT ONLY: During each OPSEC, some players may receive, for one night only, the “Murderous Night” skill. When activated, you can pick a target and a weapon. Each weapon is “linked” to the murder of a specific class type. Correctly deducing the class type of your target, will result in the target getting murdered and you obtaining Event Points. The target can still use protection skills as usual. Escaping a murder attempt from this skill (or if the class type has not been deduced correctly) will instead grant Event Points to the target. All extra event points will be converted into profile experience at the end of the event. This skill visits the target, but does not occupy them.

Client Side Changes

+ Minor miscellaneous fixes

Known Issues

+ Opening the game log from the in-game link may leave untrusted as “running” on steam