Patch 1.150 featuring Season 5 is out now!

Good news everyone!

Season 5 starts today – there will be an upcoming loot event on the second half of July which will last two weeks, with exclusive content and badges!

Without further ado, lets see the changelog for patch 1.150:

Untrusted – v1.150 – Changelog

New Features

+ Season 5 is live! No new class this time, but some important changes! Please make sure to leave your feedback in #suggestions so that adjustments can be made if necessary!
+ Added the “Famed Operatives Series 3” avatars! They can be purchased in the identities browser from now until the beginning of the July event, which will start on [REDACTED]th of July 2022!

Balance Changes

+ “Resentful Criminal” gains the “Insurance” passive skill when “Looking for an old friend” is successfully used on the Operation Leader.
+ “Sociopath” gains “Unskilled Attack”
+ “Sociopath” maintains the “Unstable Mind” passive after becoming Operation Leader
+ “Forensics Specialist” spawn chance rebalanced
+ “Forensics Specialist” passive skill “Ambitious AGENT” will now trigger after the original AL and FA are out of play
+ “Computer Forensics Background” now includes “Impersonate” in the pool of possible skills that can spawn
+ “AGENT Training” now includes “Misdirection” in the pool of possible skills that can spawn
+ “Spearphishing Execution” is now more effective
+ “Exploit vulnerability” chance to fail has been significantly lowered
+ “Unsecured Device” chance to spawn as “X is not role” significantly lowered
+ “Hack” base chance minor rebalance

Client Side Changes

+ Added scrollbar to log panels (both personal and other players). Be aware that pushing “down” the log over the line limit with the ‘ENTER’ key in your logs will truncate the logs that are pushed “below” the limit.
+ Improved Streamer Mode
+ Miscellaneous minor improvements

Server Side Changes

+ Fixed a bug that would expose a mole in the game events, when an enforcer protecting someone was arrested by a sting operation while simultaneously getting dealed.
+ Fixed a bug that would make the target of “Setup” visit themself when paired with “Throw Under the Bus”.
+ Miscellaneous minor improvements

Known Issues

+ Opening the game log from the in-game link may leave untrusted as “running” on steam