Patch 1.160 featuring Season 6 is out now!

Good news everyone!

Season 6 starts today! Featuring a new class, the Double Crosser, new skills, and an upcoming winter event starting later this month!

Without further ado, lets see the changelog for patch 1.160:

Untrusted – v1.160 – Changelog

New Features

+ New Class: “Double Crosser”
+ New Skill: “One of Us” – Doxx attempts will show “NETSEC” even if the class is in fact neutral.
+ New Skill: “NETSEC background” – Gain one skill between: “Denial of Service”, “Wireshark”, “Impersonate”.
+ New Skill: “Obtain Evidence” – Used by the double crosser to increase their payout and to enable “Turn yourself in”. This skill on the surface behaves like ‘Midnight Meeting’. When used, it enables the “Turn Yourself In” skill to be used on that player.
+ New Skill: “Turn Yourself In” – Used by the double crosser to meet their win condition, by triggering an arrest attempt of the target and becoming arrested as well on the same turn.
+ New Consumable “Chicken” – increases chance to spawn as “Double Crosser”
+ New Consumables: “Rusty Box”, “Ballot Box”, “Cigar Box”, “Wooden Box”. These consumables have a random chance of spawning a mutator on game start among a specific list. There is currently no limit on how many mutators can be added to a lobby with this mutator – the spawn chance % and eventually a mutator limit will be adjusted with serve side patches, according to data and feedback collected during the season.
+ New Mutator “Serious Business” – use this when you want to create a lobby where memes, jokes and character breaking are not allowed. It has no effect on the gameplay, but makes breaking this behaviour reportable.
+ Winter Event! Live from December 21st to January 6th! Obtain event points to unlock exclusive avatars! Extra event points will be converted to experience at the end of the event.

Balance changes

+ “Impartial sabotage” makes the Journalist lose the “No dirt on me” trait
+ “Mole (Converted Investigative)” gains ‘Download Intel’.
+ “Impersonate” will now fail on a player that has been killed.
+ “Special Class Intel” spawn chance significantly lowered.
+ While a player is under cover (Agent Leader, Forensics Specialist) the class shown by “Download Intel” will match the one of the cover.
+ Time-limit changing consumables have been disabled.

Server-Side Changes

+ Daily quests dynamically rebalance.
+ Miscellaneus minor improvements.

Client Changes

+ Fixed a layout bug in the avatar selector screen triggered by unlocking avatars
+ Minor miscellaneous changes

Known Issues

+ Opening the game log from the in-game link may leave untrusted as “running” on steam