Patch 1.170 featuring Season 7 is out now!

Good news everyone!

Season 7 starts today!

This patch includes five new skills for a much more deep and interesting play, allowing new strategies and increasing the claimspace of many classes with five new skills (one of which passive) and many significant gameplay changes: many classes have been re-balanced according to the data and feedback collected during Season 6.

So without further ado, lets see the full changelog below! See you in an OPSEC soon!

Untrusted – v1.170 – Changelog

All “Famed Operatives” are on sale for one last chance during season 7!

New Features

+ New skill “Covert Support” : if doxxed, your target will be shown as NETSEC tonight.
+ New passive skill “CQC expert”: disorganized murder attempts are less likely to succeed against you.
+ New Skill “Arrest Recording” : gain 1 article if your target is arrested tonight.
+ New Skill “Relay Connection” : prevents ISP and Jamming on target player this turn.
+ New Skill “Critical Thinking”: Each failed hack grants you a use of this skill. Permanently improve your hacking chance.
+ New Consumable “Die of Frustration” : decreases the chance of getting the starting role you spawned as during the last OPSEC.

Balance changes

+ “Agent Leader” and “Investigative Mole” gain “Covert Support”.
+ “Loose Cannon”, “Bounty Hunter” and “Field Agent” gain “CQC Expert”
+ “Journalist” gains “Arrest Recording”
+ “Network Specialist” gains “Relay Connection”
+ “Blackhat” gains “Critical Thinking”
+ “Denial of Service” no longer sends a notification to all players. Only players that connected to the dossed node on that day will be notified.
+ “Planned Raid” now allows to specify the night of arrest within the next 3 nights.
+ “Obtain Evidence” no longer occupies the target.
+ “Looking for an Old Friend” *signficantly* increases the murder chance for “Resentful Criminal” if the Operation Leader has been found.
+ “Wake up call” is now a passive skill, RNG dependent and triggered automatically. The higher the *death* count, the higher the chance a SK will turn PB.
+ “Dumpster Dive” minimum debuff increased
+ “Keylogger Honeypot” reduced by 1 charge
+ “Wire Shark” cooldown lowered by 24h
+ “Upload Intel” spawn list rebalanced.
+ “Rival Hacker” gains “Setup”
+ “Resentful Criminal” gains “Move Hideout”
+ “Double Crosser” loses “Review connection logs”
+ “Script Kiddie Attack” now has unlimited charges.
+ “Ask The Right Question” now occupies the target and no longer tells if a player has the “Hack” skill: instead, it now tells the amount of successfully hacked nodes by that player.
+ “Analyst” loses “Midnight Meeting”
+ “Analyst” gains “Review Connection Logs”
+ “Investigative Mole” loses “Follow”
+ “Investigative Mole” gains “Midnight Meeting”
+ “Forensics Specialist” loses “Midnight Meeting”
+ “Offensive Mole” loses “Midnight Meeting”
+ “Blackhat” loses “midnight meeting”
+ “Blackhat” hacking chance lowered from “Very High” to “High”
+ “Blackhat” gains “Move Hideout”
+ Spawn lists rebalanced
+ Mutator Boxes now have a 25% chance of failing. Price adjusted to mutator boxes
+ Salty Meat, Soda and Service Pistol price adjusted
+ The success rate of consumables that alter spawn rate have been slightly rebalanced

Client-Side changes

+ Fixed a bug where the Forensics Specialist would be shown as their undercover role in the summary screen
+ Fixed (?) rendering issues with 2560×1440 resolution
+ Miscellaneous minor bugfixes/improvements

Server-Side Changes

+ Fixed a bug where the Agent Leader would not be prevented from using “Hack” on the target node
+ Fixed a rare bug in processing “Planned Raid” incorrectly under certain conditions
+ Miscellaneous minor bugfixes/improvements