Prequel announcement and season 8 preparation

Good news everyone!

Today I am very happy to officially present to you the teaser of “Untrusted: Hackers at large”, the single-player prequel to “Untrusted”.

Hackers at large

I am still very far from a playable build (I think I’ll need at least a couple of years before there is something playable by the public!) but as you can see, development is progressing. Slowly, but it is progressing.

So without further ado, here’s the teaser!

I’ll also try to (more or less) regularly give an update on the development: you can find the first development log video here:

Make sure to wishlist Untrusted: hackers at large on Steam!

Season 8 Announcement

We are also getting close to Untrusted’s Season 8. Season 8 won’t bring a major update (some of you have asked for new classes, but at this stage there’s very little room for adding new classes without making the game excruciatingly complicated (than it is already). There’s maybe the place for one more class but it’s not coming for Season 8, although there are some new changes that should shaken up the meta significantly.

I don’t have a proper ETA at this time, but I hope Season 8 will start around mid/late October 2023.

In the meantime, we’re doing a community event that will bring some new avatars for Season 8’s launch!

Community Avatar Event

This event, inspired by a #feedback request in the Discord Server by theagainmen (but in fairness, many other had suggested something similar, so here’s a thank you to everyone who shares their opinion!) aims to create some new interesting avatars for the next season, this time, with the help of the community.

It’s the first edition of this event, and if it goes well, we’ll be doing it regularly, eventually with changes on the method.

Here’s how it works!

  • Signups will open for a certain day/time
  • The first 16 (though more can signup and be considered as replacements) players will then join a private lobby at a specified date and time.
  • You’ll play a game normally, and at the end, those who played, will vote the MVP (again, in the discord)
  • The MVP will then be able to suggest the design, name and description (that will need approval) of a new Avatar that will be purchasable during Season 8.
  • You’re allowed ONE of these games only, per event, unless you died or got arrested <= N2 (disconnections do not count, as people will use that to circumvent this problem in case they don't like their role. Sorry.). Players who died <= N2, can sign up to the next game if they want to.

We’ll try to do more of these games, depending on how many people are interested and how easy it is to handle such signups/game schedules.