Untrusted goes beta! Join the playtest!

Hurrah! Untrusted is moving from alpha to beta stage! What does this mean?

  • The game is finally stable to a point where all major issues have been resolved. Sure, there are still some quirks and improvements that need to be made but that’s what the beta phase is for!
  • Balance-wise there is still work to do, but we’re getting there πŸ™‚
  • The “alpha tester” badge can no longer be unlocked – wear it proudly!
  • Wins/Loss stats have been reset (for the season – all time stats are of course there).

The upcoming weeks and months are to make sure the game is fairly balanced and that can ensure a fun experience. There are still no set plans for release although i’d like to see it finished and polished for early spring. If you enjoy Untrusted, please make sure to tell your friends πŸ™‚ share this beta trailer video and follow the Untrusted official twitter page!

Whats new?

The changelog is quite extensive and can be found at the bottom of this page, however, in short:

Playing the beta

Sunday November 8th, 2020, Beta Playtest
The official beta launch playtest will take place at 20:00 UTC! Join us to break the first beta build!

Joining the Discord Server is strongly recommended!

How do I play?

You will need to download the Untrusted beta from https://www.playuntrusted.com/download/ – for better coordination, it would be appreciated if you could join the discord server at discord.playuntrusted.com

The installer package will be made available at least few hours before the first event starts, or you can play from your browser using the WebGL version on itch.

How long does the event last?

The Sunday event will last as long as there are players, usually at least 2-3 hours.

The test needs to assess the server capacity under stress. The server will – in theory – stay up for the whole weekend, assuming there are enough players to play. But for the event per se, we are targeting at least 60 to 120 minutes, with as many players as possible. If you have friends that may be interested, please help us spread the word!

What do I need to do?

There is now a tutorial in place, so you can download the build a little before the event start (the tutorial usually takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete) or you prefer, you check this quick videotutorial. If you have never played any similar game before, that is fine, you will get it along the way. However:

– if you find some game breaking bug, please do not quit the match and simply rejoin. If the game crashes or freezes, restart it, log in again and select “Reconnect”. Currently, the kick function for inactivity ingame has been disabled so you have all the time to reconnect – but please report if you had some issues.

– if you see some UI bug (e.g. text disappearing, “Localized text not found” messages, wrong or missing skill notifications, etc) please screenshot and report it with a description of what you were doing, so it can be reproduced

– report any other bug if possible

– have fun πŸ™‚

Eager to play? You can start reading the manual in the meantime!

Are there language-specific servers?

Not at this moment – the playtest will be run in English. However,

Can i use my previously created account?

Yes! Stats may be wonky during the alpha phase, but that aside, yes, accounts are not reset between each playtest.

Do I need to give you my email address?

Not at all. For the alpha testing phase, there is no email confirmation required.

You will still need to input an email address to create an account: you can freely insert something like nobody@example.com if you don’t want to share your email.

However, if you wish to reuse your account in the future, make sure to use your real email address.

Do I need to know how to play social deduction games?

It would be preferred, as the learning curve is usually steep for this kind of games, but everyone is welcome. This is also a good way to stress test the server for its performance. Playing the single player tutorial is highly recommendend, make sure you at least check the videotutorial out, it’s only 5 minutes long πŸ™‚

That said, everyone is welcome πŸ™‚

Can I bring friends?

Yes! It’s better if you all come to the discord server (so for example, if there are 24 players, we can do two 12 players game rather than a 16 players game and a lobby that needs to wait for the first game to end) but feel free to simply jump in anytime.

Can I stream the game on twitch or other platforms?

Absolutely! I would appreciate a link in private (either on the Discord server, or at root AT playuntrusted.com ) so I can check out the VOD later on.

Any other recommendation ?

Be kind with each other and remember that the game is in an alpha stage. Don’t get mad, get involved πŸ™‚

Help us testing the game! For more information, join our discord at discord.playuntrusted.com!

Full Beta Launch Changelog:

Balance Changes / New features

+ New class: introducing the “Rival Hacker” to the Untrusted world! This (non-unique) neutral hacking class wins as long as he is still in play at the end of the game, and netsec loses.
+ “Grant root” no longer shows to the target the Operation Leader identity. If the operation leader desires to reveal himself, he will need to do that explictily.
+ “Emergency Extraction” has been lowered to 2 charges and had its cooldown increased by 48 hours.
+ “Ask the Right Question” no longer occupies the target, and has its cooldown increased by 24 hours (now Cooldown 3).
+ “Log Analysis” has its cooldown increased by 48 hours
+ “Analyst” hacking chance has been lowered from “Moderate” to “Low”
+ “Network Specialist” gains new skill “Review Connection Logs”
+ “Wire shark” is now a skill that will detect who is behind a denial of service attack, when used. Balanced accordingly.
+ “Sociopath” loses “Wire shark”
+ “Resentful Criminal” loses “Bait Law Enforcement” and gains “Disorganized Murder”
+ “Resentful Criminal” is now a unique class
+ “Bait Law Enforcement” now changed to mimic the “spill the beans” behaviour, sending an anonymous tip to agents.
+ “Bait Law Enforcement” cooldown increased by 48 hours
+ “CCTV Specialist” gains “Bait Law Enforcement”
+ “Bounty Hunter” loses follow
+ “Bounty Hunter” gains new skill “citizen’s arrest”
+ “Social Engineer” gains “Impersonate”
+ “Agent Leader” gains “Midnight Meeting”
+ “Doxx and Stalk” now visits the target

Client Changes

+ Encrypted Note “Suspected” role will automatically fill in the discovered role upon a player death or arrest, if said entry was not explicitly selected by the user.
+ Added “unique” and “guaranteed” spawn modifiers in game manual
+ Added Russian for auto-join matchmaking language preference πŸ˜‰ do you want to add your language too? Help me reach some local community to help them start playing the game :3
+ Fixed a bug that would not restore the “Personal Log” and “Event Log” buttons as interactable if the turn was ended mid-action awaiting the target selection.
+ [WEBGL ONLY] Switched the Help key to F2 as F1 is generally bound to the browser help key
+ [WEBGL ONLY] Fixed the WebGL version not fallbacking correctly in email window and log window to cyrillic text
+ [WEBGL ONLY] Fixed the WebGL version not applying correctly the audio volume preference
+ Minor improvements and bugfixes

Servers Side Changes

+ Fixed a bug that would not count “Impartial sabotage” as a successful scoop, causing the server to reject the third “write article” request and kicking the player off the game.
+ Fixed a bug on “ask the right question” not working correctly when using it on an Agent Leader that spawned with “Hack”.
+ Fixed a bug that would not add fake logs on a node when using “Impartial Sabotage”
+ Fixed the OPSEC Webviewer (2 bugs out of 3)
+ Minor improvements and bugfixes

Known issues

+ “Add Route” seems to be bugged, however it will likely be reworked in future patches.
+ Vote counter may be still broken when rejoining a game with a vote in progress in certain cases.
+ [Linux/Windows] Version 1.059 had a bug in the default options – make sure you pick a suitable FPS target if you are upgrading, as having it as “unlimited” may use a lot of GPU processing for no real reason (you don’t really need 500fps for untrusted πŸ™‚ )