Runaway Snitch – Strategy Guide

Runawy Snitch If a player becomes the last mole (of any type) and both the Agent Leader and Field Agent are dead, said player will automatically become a Runaway Snitch.

Your objective doesn’t change and you are still considered part of the AGENT faction.

General Tips

Plan ahead your strategy in the event that Agent Leader and Field Agent but you are in play with another mole – it may even be worth bussing the other mole in the long run to be above suspicion.

  • Make sure that your log is compatible with your new skills – this is going to be the hardest thing to pull off as you may have claimed a completely different class, incompatible or partially compatible with your current skills.
  • If the original Operation Leader has been arrested, keep in mind you can still win simply by surviving and having the hack fail – for this reason, if you need to kill someone, try to prioritize blackhats over other hacking classes. If instead the original Operation Leader is still on the loose, keep in mind that your Snitch to Cops skill has a very long cooldown.
  • You may choose to win by eliminating the NETSEC faction using your Disorganized Murder skill – if you do, keep in mind this is a RNG based skill, so your success is not guaranteed.

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