Patch 1.115 is out, opening Untrusted’s season 2!

Hello operatives!

This should have been mostly a bugfix patch with some backend (mod tools and stuff) improvements, but quickly turned into a new content patch as one thing lead to another.

This means that the next patch will likely be 2-3 weeks from now, and – hopefully – will be mostly a bugfix patch as the backlog is increasing a lot. In the meantime, enjoy the new stuff!

The new August support token is available in the store! As usual, a big thank you to all supporters! It’s thank you to your donations that I can keep Untrusted free for everyone. This also starts Untrusted Season 2 – it’s been 3 months since the official steam release, thank you everyone who has supported the game so far!

The main change is the addition of the Panicked Blabbermouth class. While technically it is a new class, it is just an additional gameplay extension of the Script Kiddie. This adds more uncertainty for everyone (and especially the journalist, who can be killed) and opens up new play conditions.

There are other minor balance changes that however, when added up, tip the current balance a bit in favor of AGENT and should give a refreshing experience also to seasoned players.

See in you ingame, operatives!

Untrusted – v1.115 – Changelog

New features

+ Season 2 is here!
+ August support token and avatar!
+ Technically, New class “Panicked Blabbermouth” (but not really)
+ “Get Scoop” now will work only on players who have the “Person of Interest” passive skill.
+ New passive skill “Blabbermouth” (Journalists will get two scoops from players with blabbermouth)
+ New passive skill “Person of Interest” (Journalists will get one scoop as long as their target has “Person of Interest”)
+ New skill “Wake up Call” (Panicked Blabbermouth only)
+ New skill “Murder Journalist” (Panicked Blabbermouth only)
+ Classes can now have 4 skills per day/night. Please understand not all classes will get 4 skills to avoid overcomplicating the game for new players.

Balance Changes

The following changes are experimental. They may or may not be rolled back/adjusted soon. Please report feedback over the discord in #suggestions

+ Voting is now allowed from N1, rather than from D1.
+ “Unskilled attack” now has infinite charges
+ “Misdirection” charges lowered from 2 to 1
+ “Spearphisher” gains “Move Hideout”
+ “Agent Leader” gains “Unskilled Attack”
+ “Offensive Mole” gains “Unskilled Attack”
+ “Rival Hacker” gains “Unskilled AttacK”
+ “Computer Forensics Background” loses “Unskilled attack” from the spawn pool and gains “Harden” instead
+ “Field Agent” gains “Follow”
+ “Field Ops Mole” gains “Disorganized Murder”
+ “Script Kiddie” gains “Wake up Call”
+ All NETSEC (Except social engineer) and AGENTS roles , as well as Corrupt Detective and Rival Hacker, gain “Person of Interest”
+ “Agent Leader” can no longer get “Operation Leader” as cover.
+ Removed “Pacifier”: all mutators will now yield the same amount of Xp,coins,and count for badges and challenges.
+ Minor RNG adjustments

Servers Side Changes

+ Few public APIs are now available – don’t expect a lot, as they may or may not be expanded in the future. See more at
+ Minor miscellaneous improvements

Client Changes

+ There is a new “encrypted” log where you can safely type your own notes. These notes can not be stolen or read by other players and are for your eyes only. Now, where did I put that 5$ wrench?
+ Selecting “Anonymous Identity” (the first avatar you got when you created your account) will now automatically pick a random avatar from your owned avatars list, when this avatar is selected.
+ Pressing F4 will toggle the mutator browser (to view the currently enabled mutators in a lobby, if any)
+ Minor miscellaneous improvements

Known Issues

+ Miscellenous fairly rare bugs that were not yet investigated. I’m working on it :3
+ Opening the game log from the in-game link may leave untrusted as “running” on steam