Post-Patch v1.117 development notes

Greetings, operatives!

It’s been a while since the latest development post, and since the next patch will likely take a little longer than usual, it’s a great moment to gather some thoughts!

Why will it take longer than usual?

I usually am able to publish an update (small or big) every 2 or 3 weeks (changelogs are here). It’s been like so since before the Steam Early Access release, and nothing’s changed. However, I’m doing some internal development (that’s long overdue) that started last month with better moderation tools, analytics, translation tools, etc.

The next update will very likely be at the end of September 2021 or early October. It is possible that I will be issuing a very minor patch during this time, but don’t expect new content or new features for the 1.118 patch.

Supporter Tokens

I really can’t stress enough how much I appreciate those who chose to donate via the supporter tokens (or by purchasing some extra coins to collect avatars and such) – thank you everyone! This month we’re seeing the “Back to School” avatar which you can see below:

What’s coming next?

You may see some slight improvements in your profile page during these weeks and hopefully an improved (and bugfixed!) public game report page.

I’ve been procrastinating doing these changes for a while, and I’m sure the profile page will be done by the end of September (one chart is already up and now it’s just a matter of fixing the palette and adding a couple more fun charts!) – as for the game logs, it’s a page that needs major restructuring so it may take longer.

While I’m working on this other “external changes”, I’m also preparing a small content update that will probably take place mid-October.

There are no new classes or skill planned for this update, but it will be a fun update nonetheless with some new fun stuff πŸ™‚

Will you add more classes or is the game finished?

All the classes I initially envisioned are pretty much in the game by now, although they have evolved a lot! There’s probably room for a couple of more classes and I’d love to see them in the game for Season 3. This is not a promise, but more of a wishful thinking πŸ™‚

How can I help?

The usual! Play the game, share it with your friends and family or ask your favorite streamer to take a look at it – and if you want, purchase something from the store!

There’s new players everyday, but it’s true that now that Steam is not shoving the game into the homepage of thousands of people everyday, the new player influx has dwindled and unfortunately in few timezones it’s a bit harder to play – with the mid-october event I’m also planning a small advertisment campaign (within the available budget πŸ˜› so don’t expect anything massive) that will hopefully help a bit strengthen such timezones.

There’s a web version also available on GameJolt and Newgrounds that is bringin some new players (and of course, still on itch as well) – if you’re a member on those communities, make sure to come say hi πŸ™‚