Patch v1.133, Season 4 sneak peek, and Untrusted release birthday!

It’s been a while since the last news. I generally try not to write all patch notes on this section as to only keep the more interesting ones (although the full changelog list is available on ) but in the end last time I forgot to post the Winter break one. Yikes.

But I digress.

One year ago, January 29th, 2021, Untrusted was released as Early access on Steam. It was a wild ride, going pretty much overnight from 200 players on the Discord to about 1000 players (which, unbeknown to me, was going to be replicated just few months later for the full release, in a much bigger capacity). Not everyone is still around, but I wanted to thank everyone who has part of this journey so far, regardless if they are still an active player or not. Thank you so much for a great year! This goes out to all players, but especially to those who also chose to purchase supporter packs and the moderators, who helped me a lot managing the wonderful community we have managed to built. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone!

Shut up, what about the upcoming Season 4?

Wow, ok, first of all, rude, but sure, I did tease that a bit, didn’t I?

I feel that the game is reaching a point where adding more classes is a bit risky, as I do not want to overcomplicate the game. However, while I’m mostly satisfied with the overall balance, there is still something that needs a little bit of rework, and that is, how the CCTV Specialist is played. The biggest issue here is that it can be a hard confirm when two of these classes spawn together (and can be pretty game-breaking in a 10 player game) so I want to tackle that next.

And this leads me to finally pull the trigger to something that I have been hesitant to do for a while: adding a new AGENT class.

Why have I been hesitant? The game is already very complicated for the vast majority of new players. Having some fixed roles makes understanding the game much easier for new players, so I am not sure if adding a new AGENT will potentially be more harmful than beneficial (in terms of new players retention), but we will find out 🙂

Meet the Forensics Specialist:

Agents will still spawn with a guaranteed Agent Leader, and will either spawn with a Forensics Specialist or (as usual) the Field Agent. I still haven’t figured out exactly the chances of which and which (depending on a variety of factors).

I won’t spoil the full skillset of this new class, however, the main skill will allow the Forensics Specialist to takeover (if successful) NETSEC’s CCTV system, effectively being able to see every deployed camera, as long as the Forensics Specialist is alive.

This opens up a lot of new plays, as the Agent Leader will have to choose very early on if it is a better call to go directly all in and become the Field Agent (as with the Forensics Specialist class, AGENTS effectively can not arrest anyone) or to first wait to have some moles on their side. Losing the Agent Leader early on will be a huge hit for AGENT, as the Forensics Specialist in that case [REDACTED].

There will few other balance changes on some other skills, nothing drastic, but you can expect some few changes.

Patch 1.133

Today’s patch is very small: here is the changelog

Untrusted – v1.133 – Changelog

New features

+ February support token, with the Murderous Pulcinella avatar (It’s February, it’s Carnival time!) – Available from Feb 1st.

Balance Changes

+ It is no longer possible to DoS a node that is not directly visible by NETSEC.

Server Side Changes

+ Fixed log/encrypted notes not updating during prep night after v1.131 patch

Client Side Changes

+ Minor translation changes

Known Issues

+ Opening the game log from the in-game link may leave untrusted as “running” on steam