Patch 1.140 is out – Season 4 starts now!

Hello operatives!

Season 4 starts today, with many changes, especially introducing the new Forensics Specialist class.

Without fruther ado, lets see the changelog and how this new class works:

Untrusted – v1.140 – Changelog

New Features

+ New class “Forensics Specialist”.
+ New skill “Upload Fake Intel” – upload fake intel to a node. If downloaded, the information given will be false. The forensics specialist has no control on which fake intel is uploaded.
+ New skill “CCTV Takeover” – if the forensics specialist targets the CCTV Specialist with this skill, AGENTS will obtain CCTV information as long as the Forensics Specialist is alive. The CCTV specialist must not be protected that night in order for this skill to succeed.
+ New skill “Ambitious Agent” – the forensics specialist will automatically become the Field Agent when they are the last alive AGENT.
+ New passive skill “Network Insights” – when hacking a node, gain a hacking % bonus for each player connecting to it during the same turn.
+ New mutator “Handcuffs” – guarantees a Field Agent Spawn game
+ New mutator “Smartphone” – guarantees a Forensics Specialist Spawn game
+ New mutator “Triple Threat” – AGENT spawn with Agent Leader, Field Agent, and Forensics Specialist. Suggested for 16 players games only.
+ New consumable “Salty Meat” – slightly increase your chances to spawn as NETSEC
+ Famed Operatives Series 2 avatars are no longer available for purchase

Balance Changes

+ CCTVs now start working the day after installation.
+ CCTVs are still updated after converting (true for both CCTV specialist becoming Improvised Hackers or moles, as well as Forensics Specialist becoming Field Agent).
+ CCTV specialist gains the “wiretap” skill
+ Slightly increased overall hacking chances
+ Network Specialist gains “Network Insights”
+ “Field Agent” is no longer a guaranteed spawn. Either the Field Agent or the Forensics Specialist will spawn. You can use mutators to override this behaviour.
+ “X is mole” intel spawn chance has been rollbacked to a more probable spawn chance.
+ “Insider Knowledge” will always return a real node intel.
+ “Upload Fake Intel” can overwrite real intel on a node
+ “Upload Intel” can overwrite fake intel on a node

Server Side Changes

+ Miscellanous minor changes

Client Side Changes

+ “Upload Intel” shows now “1” charge rather than “infinite” in the game manual. There is no gameplay change.
+ Minor translation changes and fixes

Known Issues

+ Opening the game log from the in-game link may leave untrusted as “running” on steam

How do I play the Forensics Specialist

I’m glad you asked! Make sure to check the patch note aboves and make sure to check the Forensics Specialist Strategy guide!

The main difference is that now agents will spawn with a guaranteed Agent Leader and either the Field agent or the Forensics Specialist. This changes significantly both how NETSEC has to approach unknown operatives, as well as how AGENT has to approach their strategy. A night 1 without arrests now have a complete different meaning. Was the Field Agent occupied, or is the Forensics Specialist up to something? Or again, what happens if the Agent Leader goes all in very early on, trading their moling capability for the FA+FS combo? Etcetera.

Combine this with the CCTV system rework (CCTVs won’t lose their CCTV access if they become Improvised Hackers or moles) and you have a significantly changed gameplay for Season 4. See you in an OPSEC, operatives!