Play the upcoming Patch v.1093 this Sunday, March 21st!

Hello Operatives!

Server will go under maintenance Sunday March 21st roughly from 11:00 UTC to 12:00 UTC (possibly extending until 13UTC).

Among the bugfixes and improvements in both he client and the server, this patch will include two major balance changes. Lets see them briefly.

» New Alter Logs skill

Alter Logs is currently under-used as it doesn’t allow control over the logs that are faked. While this is currently good for the Rival Hacker (it is the best way to signal to agents that there is a rival hacker among the team) it is a bit difficult to be used effectively by agents due its random nature. It also stands to reason that agents should be able to target their alter log ability if they want to target a specific NETSEC operative.

From v.1093, “Alter Logs” will now present a dedicated interface, as you will be able to either:

– use it as usual, with a random amount of logs on a specific node


– target one fake entry (and only one) on a specific node

This change opens up a lot of new ways for agents to play and focus suspicion on a player, as well as allows agents to fake other classes (spearphisher, analyst or improvised hacker) as they can fake a download intel action.

This change may be rebalanced in the future. Initially, this feature would also allow to select the day of the fake log, however the feeling is that it would be too disruptive for NETSEC so while it is not etched in stone, the behaviour of Alter Logs will probably stay linked to the day of execution.

Unlike most hacking tools UI shown Untrusted, which are all real and fairly reproduced to mimic as best real software behaviour, Clogger does not exist, but is – I think – an amazing name for a fake log injector.

» Reworked Rival Hacker

The rival hacker is probably the most mistunderstood role in the game. Often hated by the community due to its lack of defenses against AGENTs (which would often mistake them for a real NETSEC operative) it is clear that the way the Rival Hacker should be played is probably something to put aside for a possible, future class.

For this reason, the Rival Hacker will be getting few changes that will change its play-style, making it more ‘passive’ and focused in slowing NETSEC progress, rather than proactive in investigating who the AGENTs are.

Namely, the upcoming changes are:

  • Rival Hacker becomes a unique spawn (no longer 2x RH in the same game)
  • “Rival Hacker” loses “Alter Logs”
  • “Rival Hacker” loses “doxx and stalk”
  • “Rival Hacker” gains “Harden Node”
  • “Rival Hacker” gains “Jam Network”
  • “Rival Hacker” gains “Topology Knowledge”
  • “Rival Hacker” gains “Throw Under The Bus”
  • “Rival Hacker” gains new passive skill “Blackmailed Informer”

The new skill, “Blackmailed Informer” is a new passive skill that will automatically pass on the Agent Leader Intelligence Informer intel to the Rival Hacker as well.

Blackmailed Informer You have dirt on the informer that is helping AGENTs. He will relay to you his intel, whenever the Agent Leader asks for it.

» Sunday Stress Test?
It’s a great chance to try together these new changes, especially if you haven’t been playing Untrusted lately. Since this new patch, as simple as it is, should change a lot of dynamics, it would be great if we could also try stressing up the server a bit more. The new networking changes seem to have improved both client and server stability, but why not stressing this more? Lest play this Sunday – games will be going on for the whole day as usual, but if you have to pick a time, lets meet at 20UTC – and lets see how the server behaves 🙂