Untrusted patch v1.097 – introducing the supporter store and more!

Hello Operatives!

Today marks the release of Untrusted v.1097, and unless disaster strikes, this will likely be the last patch before Untrusted transitions from Early Access to the official release. The game is now complete with the features I envisioned, but that doesn’t mean development stops – there still needs to be improvement, bugfixes and polishing, but the game is certainly ready to be enjoyed. So, without further ado, lets have a look at what this patch offers, before moving on to dicussing future development.

New Class – Corrupt Detective

Corrupt Detective Untrusted

With this patch, we finally see a new class (it’s been a while since the latest class, the Rival Hacker, was introduced) called Corrupt Detective.

This class is a neutral field operation (despite the name) class that will win (among other conditions) as long as AGENT faction loses. It’s the neutral opposite class to the Rival Hacker, as the Corrupt Detective is essentially a NETSEC player. Players who spawn with this class will need to first use the ‘Steal Intel’ skill and then use ‘Upload Intel’ on any hacked node. If that was not enough, the corrupt detective must be in play at the end of the game (not dead and not arrested).

This class also have some interesting properties that will enhance and create an additional layer of paranoia in the game: doxx results will show this class as AGENT, however, if he gets lycnhed, the Operation Leader identity will be revelead. In addition to this, the Corrupt Detective can get bribes during the day, which have no impact in the gameplay but will increase their payout in case of a win.

This class has been in the development wishlist for a while, but was put on backburner due to rising priorities. It requires some testing and probably balance although it should be already fun and interesting having (or not having!) one in the game.

As an additional, small buff to Rival Hacker, whenever the Corrupt Detective uses ‘Bribe’, the Rival Hacker will gain important intel. Will you risk giving an opponent intel or will you just cash out and risk it?

Supporter Store!

You can now support the development and maintenance of Untrusted! You can check the Donate page for more information (as more ways to help are coming soon!), but in short, every month a new badge and an exclusive avatar will be made available for purchase for a small sum. The avatar will be some way of showing your support, and at the same time it’s a great way to ‘immortalize’ moments of Untrusted, as they are all inspired by particular events that happened when the badge was released, either an ingame event or something unrelated, such as a seasonal gimmick.

You will also gain a very small amount of ingame credits that you can spend however you like. Untrusted is still a game that everyone can play for free and I’d rather keep it this way with no paywall and just cosmetics/bragging rights in-game purchases.

By showing your support you gain bragging rights and the knowledge that you are helping Untrusted grow, as the money will directly proceed in maintaining the product (all costs including assets, server maintenance, etc) as well as its further development.

You can now purchase retroactively (until the end of May) the February, March and April supporter tokens, which will give you an exclusive badge and, respectively, the Heart of The community avatar (commemorating the Early Access release), the Mega Bug avatar (commemorating the server 100% cpu bug on /kick) and the Aprils’s Fish avatar (commemorating the April’s Fools event)

heart of the community mega bug aprils fish

Untrusted is still a hobby project – there is some runway but ultimately, how long the server will stay up and the game developed/updated will depend on how much interest there is from the community

There will be more information available soon on what are the next step in development, so you can also get a better feel if you think you should be spending your money on Untrusted or not.

You can still help untrusted without reaching your wallet: keep playing and spreading the word to help Untrusted grow!

Future Development

There is quite some new stuff on this patch, so expect bugs and issues – always remember you can reach out in the official Discord Server or via email at root@playuntrusted.com

What’s in store for the future? Certainly more content such as badges and avatars, community events and of course, the usual balancing and bugfixing. Most importantly there are some network infrastructure changes that needs to be addressed in order to scale up better – the older system resisted to 90CCU back in early february (at the very peak) but started lagging early – the current system should at least hold that many (and possible more!) but in order to scale up even more, there are other network changes that need be addressed. As you can see, there’s still plenty more to do, but that doesn’t mean Untrusted isn’t ready to be enjoyed!

Other Patch Stuff

Oh right, there’s more! Below, the full changelog of this patch:

Untrusted – Early Access – v1.097 changelog

New Features

+ YOU CAN NOW SUPPORT UNTRUSTED! You can buy exclusive ‘supporter packs’ (avatar, badge, and coins) with real currency to support the development and maintenance of the game! Learn more at playuntrusted.com !
+ Added new exclusive supporter badge series, currently featuring three new badges and avatar – one new badge and avatar each month to show your support to Untrusted!
+ Added one new badge
+ Added 7 new avatars (Inmate series)
+ New class “Corrupt Detective” (field ops neutral class, NETSEC friendly)
+ New skills “Steal Intel” “Upload Intel” “Get Bribe” and “AGENT Scum” (all Corrupt Detective Exclusive)

Balance Changes

+ “Blackmailed Informer” has a new additional sinergy with the “Get Bribe” skill. Whenever a Corrupt Detective gets a bribe, if a Rival Hacker is ingame it will receive information about alive operatives.
+ “Install CCTV” does not lose the charge anymore if the action fails.
+ “Paper” consumable is back, revamped.

Client Changes

+ Added Supporter Store!
+ Added “Join Game” sound effect that triggers when the lobby is ready and the game starts
+ Miscellaneous minor improvements and bugfixes

Servers Side Changes

+ Fixed a bug where DOXX would circumvent frame and would show the real faction.
+ Miscellaneous minor improvements and bugfixes